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        Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is there somewhere a changelog of the latest version?
A: No.

Q: Game won't work! Please help!
A: Are you in Japanese locale? Go under Regional and Language options, and under the Advanced tab, set the language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese. If not, try downloading the RTP 2000 from link below.
Q: Game bugged out on me! What do I do?
A: Yeah, that happens a lot. Save frequently, so if you get stuck, you can reload. If the screen blanks out, try going into the menu and exiting. Also, remember. JAPANESE LOCALE. Not Location. Not Display Language. LOCALE!
Q: My font's blurry.
A: Extract and extract to C:/windows/fonts. If that doesn't work, try downloading this exe ( and replacing the one in the directory with that. If that still doesn't work, use this program ( to change the font to whatever you want.

Q: Window Mode?
A: Press F4.
Q: Plot where?
A: When you become rank 16 at the Guild of the first town. Also, remember not to fail the bodyguard quest; otherwise, you're stuck.
Q: How do I use the special attack of the Nameless Stance?
A: You need to buy Book 2 from the shop and use the shift button.
Q: Goddamnit!! Moonrunes!
A: Use Chiitrans to machine translate them. Since it's machine translation, it'll suck, but you'll be able to get the gist of it. Also remember that the first download link has only few moonrunes, but the other version has a ton. Also, see links below for help in learning them.
Q: How do I install?
A: First, set your PC to Japanese locale (google it). Second, install RTP 2000. Bear in mind that first that the RTP 2000 .exe from the link below extracts the necessary files and you have to install then afterwards. Then choose the version you want to install from below and install it.
Q: Chiitrans2 doesn't work. What do?
A: Pick VH's .exe for the first slot. Pick the first option in the drop down menu. Run game. If there is a long error instead of translation then run Windows Update and install .net 4.0.
Q: Character creation, how?

Q: Check stats, how?
A: Use the secret diary in your items. You can only use it in town.
Download Links:
Most Translated Version:
Additional information about the most translated version: Is almost a year old but is mostly translated.
Newest version:
Additional information about the newest version:
 Patched with Rogue 0.6 and ton555z 0.8 English translation patch. Diary and titles are also almost 100% translated. Debug tool is translated as well. Character creation is in Japanese.
RTP 2000:

Other VH Links:
New Wikia:
New Wikia (under construction):
Old Wikia:

Japanese Help links: 
Daily Japanese /a/ pastebin: (has a ton of links for intensive self-study)
Help for reviewing hiragana and katakana:
Anki for help in memorizing kanji:
Anki Deck that organizes 10K Kanji from most common to least: 
Notes: 881 is end of elementary level, 2,136 is end of high school level, and 2,928 is end of college. 5000 is more than enough to read practically anything and use context to figure out the very obscure ones. 
High school is more than enough for almost anything VH can throw at you, but use chiitrans to translate Kanji you don't know. Even elementary is good enough for most of VH, though some infodumps may be above you.