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        The World Ends with You - Master Post
Music Information and Download Listings
Last Updated: 13/02/2020

Main Post:


  * #1 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai Original Soundtrack
  * #2 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends with You
  * #2.5 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends with You EP
  * #3 - choBIT Orchestra (Ver.1.02)
  * #4 - The World Ends with You -Crossover-
  * #5 - The World Ends with You -Crossover~Tribute-
  * #6 - THE DEATH MARCH 5th Anniversary LIVE ~Crossover~
  * #8 - TWISTER -UNION χ MIX-
  * #9 - The World Ends with You: Final Remix
  * #X1 - Other Tracks
  * #X2 - Solo Remix Countdown 

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#1 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai Original Soundtrack
The first album, from the Japanese release. Has all the original (Japanese release) games songs. Released in 2007.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, Vocals by SAWA, Makiko Noda, Leah, Mai Matsuda, Ayuko Tanaka,  WAKAKO, Hanaeryca, Cameron Strother, Andy Kinlay, Nulie Nurly, Londeil "Taz" Hicks.
	01. It's So Wonderful
	02. Twister -Opening Video Ver.-
	03. Underground
	04. Long Dream
	05. Calling
	06. Despair
	07. Hybrid
	08. Fighting For Freedom
	09. O-Parts
	10. Forebode
	11. Give Me All Your Love
	12. Someday (Japanese)
	13. Satisfy
	14. Someday
	15. Twister (Japanese)
	16. Let's Get Together
	17. Slash and Slash
	18. Amnesia
	19. Rush Hour
	20. imprinting
	21. Ending Beginning (Owari Hajimari Japanese)
	22. psychedelic
	23. Game Over
	24. Dancer in the Street
	25. Hybrid (Japanese)
	26. Detonation
	27. Black Market
	28. Junk Garage
	29. It Is Fashionable
	31. Economical Shoppers
	33. Make or Break
	34. Twister-Remix
	35. Emptiness And...
Download: [MP3]!UJoHVCDT!kOgH88-nJCMwoOTcrx5Eojq0fpIw_uSRNyTt26p1vKE

#2 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends with You
The album released alongside the english version of the game. It features various remix tracks, and all the new songs that were made for the english version. Released in 2008.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Leah, WAKAKO, Makiko Noda, Hanaeryca, Andy Kinlay, Ayuko Tanaka, Mai Matsuda, Nulie Nurly, Joanna Koike, Andy from 'Sixpin', J.D. Camaro, MJR, Cameron Strother.
	01. Twister -Original ver.-
	02. Calling -1960s-
	03. Give Me All Your Love -All My Love-
	04. Long Dream -1980s-
	05. Someday -Unplugged-
	06. Make or Break -Black Box-
	07. Game Over -Busy Dizzy and Lazy-
	08. Give Me a Chance
	09. New Born
	10. Twister -That Power is Yet Unknown-
	11. Deja Vu
	12. Transformation
	13. Three Minutes Clapping
	14. Twister -Gang Mix-
	15. The One Star
	16. Owari Hajimari
	17. Three Minutes Clapping (Live)
	18. Transformation -Transformed-
	19. Deja Vu -Discoteque-
Download: [MP3]!VdxGkKRJ!jxwTjytHE8EVENviv--50c31_gKqPZjLD9_bTC9kUxg

#2.5 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends with You EP
A mini album released ahead of the full one. Features tracks from that, but a remix of Twister only available on this CD.
	01. Deja Vu
	02. Three Minutes Clapping
	03. The One Star
	04. Owari-Hajimari
	05. Transformation
	06. Twister -The Twisters-
Download: [MP3]!NVgmELyS!RMPuNOL3mpSibCBGKz0kxu6M4BpBjOIj8dMWi9ukgF0
Download just Track 06: [MP3]!0BJzjZ4S!ooW8fk47QIO0HGKtAXyDPhkO4COxRrsLRHxYfCHMYO0

#3 - choBIT Orchestra (Ver.1.02) - 
A standalone mini-album, it features four new remixes and a brand new track, 'The World Ends with You'. Released in 2010.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Joanna Koike, J.D. Camaro, Makiko Noda. Remixed by choBIT Orchestra. Performed by MINI METAL MASTER.
	01. choBIT: Twister -???-
	02. choBIT: Deja Vu -Sanctuary Mix-
	03. choBIT: Three Minutes Clapping -no clapping-
	04. choBIT: Long Dream -Parallel Mix-
	05. MMM:001/ The World Ends with You
Download: [MP3]!ZAYGRDra!_pQGcaV_XIGYTUqNfivoVQ-VqKmATG2TfWaJvwugVOw

#4 - The World Ends with You -Crossover- - 
The album released for Solo Remix, it featured the new songs and remixes made for the game. It also featured the three TWEWY remixes from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Released in 2012.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Stephanie, Leah, Nulie Nurly, Joanna Koike, J.D. Camaro, Hanaeryca. Remixes by SQUARE-ENIX.
	01. Twister -KINGDOM MIX-
	02. Calling -KINGDOM MIX-
	03. Someday -KINGDOM MIX-
	04. Jump Over Yourself
	07. MMM:001/The World Ends with You
	08. Twister -KINGDOM REMIX-
	09. DTM -Crossover-
	10. Twister -Crossover-
Download: [MP3]!1RQiWZCB!45XXMt8KYHdVngZb3eubQHN9D5o0MMULw5g9wWMIq8M

#5 - The World Ends with You -Crossover~Tribute- -
The album released for LIVE Remix, it features the three new songs for the game, and various special track arranges and remixes. Notably, it was a collaboration between various different artists to create different TWEWY remixes. It additionally features three tracks from the 2012 concert, TWEWY 5th Anniversary Live -Crossover-. Released in 2013.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Stephanie, Ritsu, Hanaeryca, Ayuko Tanaka. Remixes by Novoiski, Shouhei Tuchiya, missingsoul, T$UYO$HI. Live performances by The Death March.
	01. March On
	02. Revelation - 花 -
	03. March On - jp -
	04. Twister 【The World Ends with You - Solo Remix - PV Ver.】
	05. Someday -KINGDOM MIX JP Ver.-
	06. Jump Over Yourself (papapayapa)
	07. Owari Hajimari - x-tended ver. -
	08. Twister -Novoiski Remix-
	09. Make or Break remix for qanchis
	10. Satisfy -Galaxy Dub-
	11. Calling -T$UYO$HI Remix-
	12. Twister -T$UYO$HI Remix-
	13. Calling -KINGDOM MIX- (Live Ver.)
	14. Twister -Original Ver.- (Live Ver.)
	15. Twister -Crossover- (Live Ver.)
Download: [MP3]!gIBhTYCQ!VlM4zO-amsNnqZ6K0cH4hu7Cj0enlRZNC-YaJ1jhBfU

#6 - THE DEATH MARCH -5th Anniversary Live ~Crossover~
An album version of the full 2012 Concert. It was released only in physical form at merchandise booths at the 2013 6th Anniversary Live concert. Released in 2013.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA and Stephanie. Performed by The Death March.
	01. Jump Over Yourself (Live Ver.)
	02. Someday -KINGDOM MIX- (Live Ver.)
	03. TATAKAI (Live Ver.)
	04. RUN AWAY (Live Ver.)
	05. Hybrid (Live Ver.)
	06. Someday (Live Ver.)
	07. Owari Haijimari - x-tended ver. - (Live Ver.)
	08. Three Minutes Clapping (Live Ver.)
	09. MMM:001/The World Ends With You (Live Ver.)
	10. Twister -Crossover- (Live Ver.)
Purchase: N/A, Physical copies were sold at TWEWY/The Death March concerts.
Download: [MP3]!RBo2WZpZ!RLg912EMIRV39Sw4cYLSjZwwa-X0EjDBz2q8Wv6dbio

A new CD by The Death March and Takeharu Ishimoto that will cover various different games Ishimoto has worked on. 
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto.
	01. The Beginning of the End (我ら来たれり)【from FINAL FANTASY零式】
	02. Revelation【from すばらしきこのせかい -Live Remix-】
	03. God in Fire【from DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY】
	04. Hybrid -ignis fatuus-【from すばらしきこのせかい】
	05. DOO
	06. MUSIC
	07. Theme of Elfe【from BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII-】
	08. TWEWY
	09. Strange days
	10. Bubbles
	11. Calling【from すばらしきこのせかい】
	12. Promise
	14. ハイブリッド【from すばらしきこのせかい】
	15. RUN AWAY【from すばらしきこのせかい -Solo Remix-】
	16. Price of Freedom -I Want To See You Smile-【from CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-】
Download: [MP3]!YMhiiIzK!6nK7skpw2D7VaQ5dc4q3zzBuQUivWbseyttmgY9LUM0

A brand new version of Twister released alongside the Illustrated Neku medal in KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The World Ends with You.
Download: [MP3]!4JRziAQb!KIbHzqQqrlmhkZYyrZugrTHhxeulV97aJUtLosDVapA

[Work in Progress]
#9 - The World Ends with You: Final Remix
There is yet to be an official release of the TWEWYFR OST as of 2020, so this is a collection of the new track variations from Final Remix along with the additional three new tracks from the game. They are gamerips and thus I can't guarantee that they're perfect.
	01. Underground -Final Remix-
	02. Calling -Final Remix-
	03. Imprinting -Final Remix-
	04. Game Over -Final Remix-
	05. Detonation -Final Remix-
	06. SHIBUYA -Final Remix-
	07. Fighting for Freedom -Final Remix-
	08. Long Dream -Final Remix-
	09. Hybrid -Final Remix-
	10. Someday (Japanese) -Final Remix-
	11. Owari-Hajimari (Japanese) -Final Remix-
	12. Psychedelic -Final Remix-
	13. Hybrid (Japanese) -Final Remix-
	14. NOISY NOISE -Final Remix-
	15. Satisfy -Final Remix-
	16. Make or Break -Final Remix-
	17. Give Me All Your Love -Final Remix-
	18. Twister (Japanese) -Final Remix-
	19. Someday -Final Remix-
	20. Ooparts (Japanese) -Final Remix-
	21. Dancer in the Street -Final Remix-
	22. Junk Garage -Final Remix-
	23. Slam Brothers -Final Remix-
	24. Let's Get Together -Final Remix-
	25. Amnesia -Final Remix-
	26. Forebode -Final Remix-
	27. Rush Hour -Final Remix-
	28. Despair -Final Remix-
	29. It's So Wonderful -Final Remix-
	30. Economical Shoppers -Final Remix-
	31. Black Market -Final Remix-
	32. It is Fashionable -Final Remix-
	33. Jump Over Yourself -Final Remix-
	34. TATAKAI -Final Remix-
	35. Emptiness And -Final Remix-
	36. MMM:001/The World Ends with You -Final Remix- 
	38. ??? (Wake Up)
	39. Twister (Final Remix)
Download: [MP3] soon...

#X1 - Other Tracks
This is a collection of smaller or alternative works currently released by Takeharu Ishimoto on his SoundCloud that haven't been included in any official albums. Last updated 29/06/2014
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Stephanie, Ritsu.
	01. Its So Wonderful -Novoiski Remix-
	02. Calling -Novoiski Remix-
	03. March On -Remix Demo-
	04. Revelation (English)
	07. Stay Away
NOTE: As of 'THE DEATH MARCH's release, Revelation (English) is now officially released. I just haven't edited this file yet.

#X2 - Solo Remix Countdown
This is the seven different versions of Twister -Crossover- that were used during the countdown to Solo Remix's reveal. Each one builds up and adds more than the previous version, until you reach the 7th Day version which is the full song.
Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Vocals by SAWA, Leah, Nulie Nurly.
	01. Twister Crossover -The 1st Day-
	02. Twister Crossover -The 2nd Day-
	03. Twister Crossover -The 3rd Day-
	04. Twister Crossover -The 4th Day-
	05. Twister Crossover -The 5th Day-
	06. Twister Crossover -The 6th Day-
	07. Twister -Crossover-
Download: [MP3]!kEBASayY!9n3qlOGSj57dX4uA9H8nu_8G5m7K9kWpOZN3KBr7Pww