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   Softerra LDAP Browser is a piece of software oriented towards providing a simple and straightforward method for browsing LDAP directories. Softerra LDAP Browser is the industry-leading software for browsing and analyzing LDAP directories. It provides a wide variety of features for. Softerra LDAP Browser is a lightweight version of Softerra LDAP Administrator. It supports read-only operations that do not modify LDAP directory data.
   6 ກ.ພ. Free to download Softerra LDAP browser is easily available in the market. It helps to access the LDAP directory data. 14 ກ.ລ. Downloads of v To install Softerra LDAP Browser, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell. Softerra presents product info, free download & screen shots of LDAP directory browser and administration client for Windows that supports major LDAP.