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        Resources Pastebin (17-03-18)

 *****We believe that theory is an important part of learning, but you won't learn anything by hoarding books and never practicing*****

	/ic/ Sticky
	>>old and reliable /ic/ sticky
	/beg/ /ic/ Sticky
	>>We may or may not agree with the content on it, but it is a thing
	>>Give it a look if you ever feel lost/you're just starting out

	Aguri’s one year guide
	>>One year study guide to get the fundamentals of drawing down
	>>again, we may or may not agree with its contents

	Tons of Unlisted Books
	>>If something you're searching for using the search function is nowhere else
	>>Then check here
	Gesture Drawing Tools
	3D scans and models

	HYPER ANGLE Picture Set

	Hampton figure drawing videos (12 weeks):!bMhzCRRC!Ti7M4jd22lFWeLIira-NOUQ83Z3eNmMEdX8mCvF3FRs!KZ4ASaiJ!UVe6joftjyhixRwz5SVcrm_BtsaBELWMAKsRicLdSQQ!Ql0xgbCZ!gJKl2VjBShdPZtk-OExaYrz5fOjmiMEWTXdt4k0npKE!1wdGULib!ESyCuCOqwMC4A4bpYONyiZwOU_5rAkum5A5gEcYvEqY!s11EzLRY!qbLD8kGm8e4C98ohJ1D07uVygISjuDXWmxnWna94ji4!JoEWwJ4A!cd1lp4_pZg11mMYGkx-e7yGRq6RgayGMrbWVlZWtF8Y!NtcR3DYD!e-GCjClegFcJ0REE5sKjTnybGxXpYLj_Q_HCB6xPFj8!Bk9lRZRQ!c_f2H7RQPnSU1e5NcDOcwsQI9kx_p2rpxEJwUWW245Q!8gcEnaoY!mwTJgrnzE1zP_CzacQf-i00aZL3T-PN2ECdouti5okY!lgc0wDRR!Vl7otzhnphgAhvBnL4bqfWCUrq-CfJY-laDTHHoGUSI!kpFlwBzC!lQp4fyjOzRWTfba2T2g5NQiT_xIG6OVqGlZlxjq6_xc!N9EgnDZb!S_IKI4XDq578iL4aEPFynKgTFzOHEkcemyHzBFcptv4
	Marshall Vandruff Video Series on perspective:
	Krenz Gumroad!z0g2VC4Y!M0Jd5tqy7Aofg_LtkRoA5w
	3D models of the human body
	>>Muscles and Organs

	Movie Screenshots
	Random People Photos 
	Random Location Photos
 	Fashion Magazines
 	Costumes and Other References
 	Fine Art Paintings
	Japanese Animation Boooru
 	New masters academy series
		Glenn Vilppu:
		Steve Huston:
		Bill Perkins:
	Storytelling and Design resources!AqhbAr6jiFFKgZsGOBa9-l2KYUwmUw
/ic/'s Artbook Thread OP (((Expanded)))

	Main Book Links:
	Bayonetta Artbook
	Bioshock infinite Artbook
	Dragons dogma Artbook
	Metal Gear Solid Revengance Artbook
	Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Artbook
	Street Fighter IV Artbook
	Frank Frazetta Various
	Gundam Artbook Collection
	Star Wars Collection
	Tron Legacy Artbook
	The Lord of the Rings Film
	Star Wars - Episode III - Artbook
	Yoshitaka Amano and Hirano Toshihiro Various
	Pasta's Estab – Concurrence
	PSE 1997 SP Remix - Marion & company" by Range Murata
	PSE 1998 SP Remix - The Missing by Range Murata
	Tempao - Second Edition
	PSE 2000 Collections - After Service by Range Murata
	Like a Balance Life (2nd Mix Edition)
	PSE 2001 Collections - Blue Submarine No.6 Azure by Range Murata
	Spheres (Last Exile 1st Character Filegraphy)
	Spheres (Last Exile 2nd Character Filegraphy)
	Last Exile - Aerial Log
	Last Exile - Spheres Pre Plus Plus
	"Color - A course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors" by Betty Edwards
	Booklet Poster Collection
	Cybergirls Portfolio
	Der Mond by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
	Die Sterne by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
	Exon Depot
	Metal Gear Solid 4
	Metal Gear Solid - The Art of
	Groundwork of Evangelion (Volume 1 and 2)
	Hyung Tai Kim
	Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil by J.D. Hillberry
	Jashin Hunter
	Last Exile - Losse platen
	Last Exile - Region 2 DVD Post Card Set
	Last Exile - Wallpaper
	Los Spol
	Magna Carta The Phantom of Avalanche
	Metal Gear Solid 1
	Metal Gear Solid 2
	misc (?)
	Muay Thai - The Art of Fighting
	Neuro Hard
	Neon Genesis Evangelion - Newtype 100% (Part 1)
	Other works (?)
	Oxide 2 Carta Numinous
	"Like A Balanced Life" by Range Murata
	Range Murata (?)
	Sadamoto (?)
	The art of Maya
	Metal Gear Solid 1.5
	The Art of Moebius
	The Art of Star Wars
	The Art of the Catapult Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery
	Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
	The 3D Art & Design Book
	Bioshock Breaking the Mold
	Borderlands 2
	The Art of Cars
	The Art of Drawing Animals
	Tsukasa Jun - Original Illustrations
	Tsukasa Jun - Pick up in Tsukasa Jun-lnd
	Tsukasa Jun - Tsukasa Bullet
	Tsukasa Jun (?)
	Wallpapers (?)
	War of Genesis 3 (part 1 and 2)
	Masamune Shirow - Galhound
	Masamune Shirow - Wild Wild West
	>First Link:
 		1st Link: vk from the top of this pastebin
		2nd Link: Some books on how to learn "manga" style.
		3rd Link: Reference Images, mostly Stylized
		4th Link: Artbooks, Architecture, Fashion and Software books.
	>Second Link:

	>Third Link:
		Contains zips with books on the next subjects “Animals, animation, drawn to life, part 1 and 2 and perspective”   
	>Fourth Link:
		Contains the next books:
		The Complete Famous Artist Course (1960)
		Anatomy and Drawing by Victor Perard
		Anatomy for Fantasy Artists An Illustrators Guide to Creating Action Figures and Fantastical Forms
		Andrew Loomis - Creative Illustration
		Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing For All It's Worth
		Andrew Loomis - Fun With A Pencil
		Andrew Loomis - Successful Drawing
		Andrew Loomis - The Eye Of The Painter
		Basic Painting And Drawing Principles
		Betty Edwards - A Course In Mastering The Art Of Mixing Colors
		Bridgman - anatomy
		Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
		Burne Hogarth - Drawing Dynamic Hands
		C.Grafton - Ancient and Medieval Arms and Armor
		Christopher Hart - Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy
		Christopher Hart - Drawing Cutting Edge Comics
		Christopher Hart - How To Draw Comic Book Heroes And Villains (Part 1 - Awesome Anatomy!)
		Christopher Hart - How To Draw Comic Book Heroes And Villains (Part 2 - Zap! Pow! Crunch!)
		Christopher Hart - How To Draw Comic Book Heroes And Villains (Part 3 - Fantastic_Foes!)
		Christopher Hart - How To Draw Great-Looking Comic Book Women
		Dynamic Figure Drawing - Burne Hogarth
		Fantasy Art by Larry Elmore
		Figure drawing basics
		Force Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators
		Frederic Delavier - Strength Training Anatomy 2nd Edition
		Giovanni Civardi - Drawing Portraits Faces And Figures
		How To Draw Unique Characters(napalmnacey)
		Human Anatomy For Artists
		Jack Hamm - Drawing The Head And Figure
		Jean Long - Chinese Ink Painting
		John Hagan - Painting beyond fashion
		Ken HultgrenThe Art Of Animal Drawing
		Learn How To Draw - Drawing Lessons
		Norling - Perspective Made Easy
		On Drawing Trees and Nature. A Classic Victorian Manual with Lessons and Examples
		Perspective - A Guide for Artists, Architects and Designers (Gwen White)
		Perspective Drawing Handbook - By Joseph D'Amelio
		Pocket Atlas Of Human Anatomy
		Sheldon Borenstein - See, Feel, Trace, Draw It
		Stan Lee - How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way
		The Natural Way To Draw - Kimon Nicolaides
		The New Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain
		The Vilppu Drawing Manual
		Watson Guptill - Dynamic Figure Drawing - Burne Hogarth 
		Wendon Blake - Portrait Drawing
	>Fifth Link:
		***Same MEGA with artbooks that is below this one***

	"Dead Wood Designs" by Yoh Yoshinari
	"Character Animation Crash Course" by Eric Goldberg
	"Harding's Lessons on Drawing - A Classic Approach" by J.D. Harding
	KLK book
	Art of Skyrim book
	Atmosphere's Sketchbook
	"The Art Spirit" and "The practice and science of drawing"
	The Skillful Huntsman
	Fashion In Photographs 1860-1880
	Kim Jung Gi 2011 sketchbook
	Kim jung Gi 2013 Sketchbook
	Famous Artists Course
	Boy Love Poses Book
	"Drawing the Living Figure" by Joseph Sheppard
	"How to Render" by Scott Robertson
	"Drawing the Female Figure" by Francis Marshall
	Ellenberger - Atlas of Animal Anatomy
	Glenn Vilppu - Drawing Animals
	Gottfried Bammes - the Artist's Guide to Animal Anatomy
	Jack Hamm - How to Draw Animals
	Ken Hultgren - the Art of Animal Drawing
	Paul Bransom - Animals
	Burne Hogarth - Drawing Dynamic Hands
	Burne Hogarth - Drawing the Human Head
	Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Anatomy; Revised & Expanded
	Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Figure Drawing
	Chinese Figure Drawing (some zip, might not be a book)
	George Bridgman - Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
	George Bridgman - Constructive Anatomy
	George Bridgman - the Book of a Hundred Hands
	George Bridgman - the Human Machine
	Glenn Vilppu - the Vilppu Drawing Manual; Basic Figure Drawing
	Gottfried Bammes - The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy
	Jack Hamm - Drawing The Head And Figure
	Joseph Sheppard - Drawing the Living Figure
	Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing, Design and Invention
	Stephen Rogers Peck - Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist
	Uldis Zarins - Anatomy for Sculptors
	Victor Perard - Anatomy and Drawing
	Animation Academy - Arshad Mirza Baig
	Chris Webster - Action Analysis for Animators
	Disney's Sample Portfolio for Animation Internships
	Don Bluth - the Art of Storyboard
	Glen Keane - a System for Planning and Timing Animation
	Harold Whitaker - Timing for Animation
	Jack Hamm - Cartooning the Head and Figure
	Les Shamans - Animation Insiders
	Mark Simon - Producing Independent 2D Animation
	Mike Mattesi - FORCE; Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators
	NA - Setting Up Your Shots
	Preston Blair - Advanced Animation
	Preston Blair - Cartoon Animation
	Richard Williams - the Animator's Survival Kit
	Walt Stanchfield - Drawn to Life Vol. 01 - 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes
	Walt Stanchfield - Drawn to Life Vol. 02 - 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes
	Walt Stanchfield - Gesture Drawing for Animation
	Charles Bargue - Drawing Course
	Erik Gist - Figure Drawing Fundamentals
	Famous Artists Cartoon Course
	Famous Artists Course
	Andrew Loomis - Creative Illustration
	Andrew Loomis - Drawing the Head and Hands
	Andrew Loomis - Eye Of The Painter
	Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing for All It's Worth
	Andrew Loomis - Fun With a Pencil
	Andrew Loomis - Successful Drawing
	Famous Artist Course - the Theory and Practice of Painting
	James Gurney - Color & Light; a Guide for the Realist Painter
	Ernest Norling - Perspective Made Easy
	Gwen White - Perspective; A Guide for Artists, Architects and Designers
	Jorge Paricio - Perspective Sketching
	Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
	Scott Robertson - How to Draw
	Bert Dodson - Keys to Drawing
	Betty Edwards - the New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
	J. D. Harding - Hardings Lessons on Drawing
	Robert Beverly Hale - Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
	Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery
	Nenad Pavel - The Industrial Designers Guide to Sketching
	Infographs (tutorials), quotes and references too.
	Perhaps the most well-categorized resourced on this pastebin.!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw
	Single Book links (Labeled as "Beginner books" on the artbook OP):
	Andrew Loomis's Books!WBERCQiB!uMTQlTgeSCK_4FxKDwE_Lg
	Burne Hogarth's Books!fINAQbZK!YtfCRPbKIIZjT84meSl3DQ
	"The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards!6ZsTESZD!cBHFG4pgOWGurLr8SgC79v3Eu-gOjmaH9JAC_XeYQEA
	"Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson!LZsVXTjJ!t5W4mBq9v2iBbJWxvHM04rrMtA4wV7d3ZqX4daJowL4
	"Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters" by Robert Beverly Hale!CAVSjLZa!d-xFoYCx1TrzqOLbL0LVN9ZmzRrFxtaz6JDCvBSN5hY
	"How to Draw" by Scott Robertson (HIGH quality scan)!iB81WbxK!eNSWCFuDinDeSXib_e0s6ZpfPIAMEGEPpz8otwRiIoQ
	"Alla Prima: Everything I know about Painting" by Richard Schmid
	"Color and Light - A Guide for the Realist Painter" by James Gurney (HIGH quality scan)
	Imaginative Realism: How to paint what does not exist" by James Gurney!ywsSCQzB!HC07i7ntFEYQUAOy9GBYWxTrF2fzbo67Jf4jVuj57DE
	"Perspective Made Easy" by Ernest R. Norling!yEVH0RzI!hExkmbL9WTEV20aI10De7q9J4rf3t3A6uluz4cT9FbM
	"The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams!bFchmCAZ!papybufoEqDH8Vn19hVk8zxohaYOB5XjLM2U-EZT8Js
	"Anatomy for Sculptors" by Uldis Zarins!GIdSSZib!rI1rTzWtIiUq0Qn4ECJHU-fOhB011wFTH8Egqdguk5M
	"Dynamic Bible" by Peter Han!CF9g3QpD!Mc41x88vBi1afeoBWxcp-A