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Shichika hachiretsu Pastebin
        He made it – barely.
– Shichika.
My – kid brother.
Finally – killing me.
“Last Fatal Orchid of the Kyotoryu – Shichika Hachiretsu Redux!”
Without hesitation.
Shichika unleashed his Last Fatal Orchid on Nanami.
By now the vessels of her brain had probably burst.
Nanami’s grip on consciousness was slipping, and her head had filled with fog.
And yet – her body had maintained its reflexes.
Her genius shone impeccably.
Even though the more it shone – the more her body fell apart.
Fielding Fatal Orchid Four, Ryuryoku Kako.
Dodging Fatal Orchid One, Kyoka Suigetsu.
Blocking Fatal Orchid Five, Hika Rakuyo.
Evading Fatal Orchid Seven, Rakka Rozeki.
Avoiding Fatal Orchid Three, Hyakka Ryoran.
Seeing through Fatal Orchid Six, Kinjo Tenka.
And catching Fatal Orchid Two, Kacho Fugetsu.
Defending herself.
Wracking her body with a pain more savage than if she had suffered the attack – she defended herself anyway.
As if it were simply good etiquette.

Katanagatari Omnibus 3, Page 90