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        COPY/PASTE of the Current (Aug 29 2019) article circulated to AASP's:
Today Apple is introducing a new service program that is focused on out-of-warranty iPhone repairs. The Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program provides qualifying service companies access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, service guides, and resources for iPhone repairs.
IRPs are limited to performing out-of-warranty iPhone repairs, such as iPhone display or battery replacements. The program is launching in the United States with plans to expand to other countries.
Apple Authorized Service Providers remains the best place for Apple customers to get repair service. The chart below illustrates some of the key differences between the AASP program and the IRP program.
Benefit                                            AASP                   IRP
Serviceable products                               All Apple products    iPhone 6s and later
Apple repairs completed by certified technicians    ✓                     ✓
iPhone Battery, Display, other SUR                  ✓                     ✓
iPhone Whole Unit access                            ✓                     Limited
Out-of-Warranty Repairs                             ✓                     ✓
Free Apple certification*                           ✓                     ✓
Warranty repair compensation with parts covered     ✓                     –
Apple 90 day repeat repair coverage                 ✓                     –
Apple Service Locator                               ✓                     –
Apple Authorized branding                           ✓                     –
Performance programs (ACSE, PSP)                    ✓                     –
*Apple is pleased to share that Apple certifications are now free of charge to all AASPs worldwide.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q: Will IRP providers be compensated for covered repairs or have parts covered by Apple?
A: Unlike AASP providers, IRP providers will not be compensated for labor nor will parts be covered by Apple.
Q: Will IRP providers be listed on the Apple Service Locator?
A: No, IRP providers will not be listed.
Q: Can IRP providers resell service parts?
A: The IRP program is intended for providers offering repair services and not companies reselling parts, except where prohibited by local laws.
Q: Are repairs completed by an IRP covered by Apple 90 day repeat repair warranty?
A: No, unlike repairs completed by AASPs, repairs completed by IRPs will not have Apple’s 90 day repeat repair warranty coverage.
Q: Are IRP technicians certified?
A: Yes, iPhone Repair Providers are required to use Apple-certified technicians when conducting repairs on Apple products with Apple genuine parts.


Exchange -- This is where you send old part back to Apple within a certain time frame, otherwise you get billed at Stock pricing
Stock -- This is full price of the part

AASP PRICING FOR PARTS (in Canadian Dollars. Will list Exchange pricing, and then Stock pricing):
Batteries for 6S/7/8/6S_/7P/8P: 33.15 / 132.09
Batteries for X/Xr/XS/XS MAX: 57.85 / 168.85
6S Display: 156 / 197.60
6SP Display: 175.20 / 216.80
7 Display: 156 / 197.60
7+ Display: 175.20 / 216.80
8 Display: 156 / 197.60
8+ Display: 175.20 / 216.80
X Display: 317.55 / 362.79
Xr Display: 207.20 / 239.20
XS Display:  317.55 / 362.79
XS MAX Display: 37.23 / 417.47 

Convert these into whatever coin of the land you have and you'll get a rough idea. 

- At this time we do not know if you will be paying Exchange pricing or if it will be only stock pricing
- At this time we do not know if you'll be allowed to use Apples shipping account or if you'll have to pay for shipping yourself to send parts back (Assuming it is indeed stock pricing)
- At this time we dont know if 3rd party stores will have access to RepairCal(Apples program used for Display and Battery Calibration), or maybe some stipped down/locked down version, since Apple sends displays with TouchID preinstalled and X devices and newer require RepairCal to do the battery/display/haptic engine calibration
- At this time we do now know if you will have access to AST2 (Apples cloud diagnostics Suite) or GSX (Apples AASP-only Part Ordering and Repair Creation site).

Once i get more details, ill add a supplementary Pastebin.