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Please read the global rules and any /vp/ rules; we are not exempt. Otherwise, Wifi General has its own set of "rules". Breaking these won't get you banned, but you should expect to get shit for it. Below, you'll find what you need to know. Also, scroll to the bottom to find useful links and guides.

DO make it known if the Pokémon you're trading is RNG'd, bred with hacked/cloned parents, or Instacheck'd/SV'd. All of these things are in the gray area of what people consider legit or cheating.
DON'T ask stupid questions. Google has the answers. If you still haven't found out what you need to know after searching, then feel free to ask.
DON'T beg. If you want something, offer something.
DON'T jew. 4IVs are worthless and usually given away for free or traded for other 4IVs. A 5IV missing a necessary IV is effectively a 4IV, both for breeding and battling purposes, and should be treated as such. Don't try to trade your regular breedable Pokemon for shinies, rare event Pokemon, or anything else valuable. Even if someone else is willing to, it's not cool to take advantage of someone unaware of their value.
DO use a name. Names make you easier to identify when posting, and helps when you're trying to get a trade going.
DO lurk before posting. It is a great way to learn etiquette and regulars. (If you're simply looking for a trade, and going to leave here forever afterward, you may ignore this.)
DON'T post text lists. They clutter up the thread, take up too much space, and are visually unappealing. "But CTRL+F!" No. If you must, feel free to post a keyword string in your post. If you're asking for advice about your competitive team, use Pastebin instead.
DO make an image list for trading. They're easily the most effective way to show what you have and what you want. Some people will use programs such as Photoshop or GIMP, but MS Paint is all you really need. At the bare minimum, you can just type up what you have in Notepad, screencap it, and use that as your image list. Or use Pastebin, Google Docs, or something along those lines. But you'll find that you'll get more trades with a more visually appealing image. Check out other peoples' lists if you need inspiration for how to do this. See below for some downloads to get you started.

WFG has an IRC you can join freely to chat with others. #wfg on
--- Terms to Know ---
FC: Friend Code
IGN: In-game Name
TR: Trade Request
BR: Battle Request
HA: Hidden Ability (Sometimes called DW or DWA)
HP: Hidden Power  
FS: Friend Safari
EM: Egg moves
Shone: Shiny
RNG: Random Number Generator
Touch trade: Trading for dex entries only; trading and then immediately trading back.
Jewing: Trading for something worth much more than what you're offering.
Pentaperfect: A Pokémon with five perfect stats, or 5IV, all in the right stats. Whatever stat is missing should be the stat reduced by the nature used.
Hexaperfect: A Pokémon with six perfect stats. Usually refers to IVs of 31 in all stats, but may also include some 30s (Hidden Power) 0s - for example, 31/31/31/31/31/0 on a Pokémon where the lowest possible speed is desired.
Derp or shitmon: A random Pokémon, nothing special. Usually a breeding leftover or a randomly caught wild Pokémon. Pretty much anything unwanted and on hand.
Leftovers: Pokémon that were left over from a breeding project. Not to be confused with the item Leftovers.
Hexaflawless seven: Seven Pokémon that cover all egg groups between them. Some people have bred 6IV males of these seven Pokémon specifically to use for breeding.
Balltism: Ball autism. A contagious disease that affects the majority of Wifi General. Most people want their Pokémon to be in specific Pokeballs. Some use the same Pokeball for all their Pokémon, some match the ball's color scheme to the Pokémon's, and some have even stranger tastes. There is no logic in this. It's best to just leave them be. There is no known cure for balltism.
Disc up: Short way of asking someone to put a Luvdisc on the GTS asking for whatever Pokémon.
--- Things for Making Image Lists ---
3D models, sprites, shiny sprites, and more:
Templates and backgrounds:
Ramsey's spreadsheet template:
--- Links ---
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