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        "I don't even know what's happening in chat right now!"
"Menus are hard.."
"You spelled quote wrong!" - Mystakin 2015
"My real name is Mystakin, James T. Mystakin."
"I hope everyone has been having a good time. We're about to not have a good time."
"I'm tellin' ya man.. yoshi's just attracted to bottomless pits."
"Sometimes Americans don't use voting correctly."
"I don't know if 's violent against chickens, though. I know she's violent towards people."
"I feel like lasagna is the most complicated pasta to make."
"I'm glad that I rank above wal-mart."
"I can't drink coffee without three and a half sugar cubes."
"Wrecked by geometry!"
"As a fan of money I would appreciate $200."
"Iceland seems like a cool place."
"Buses don't go 'choo choo'!"
"On the list of things that's not happening that's up there!"
"Never mind that crap.. Mystey's here!"
"I'll go as slow as I want!"
"Dang dude, why are you even here? You should be playing Banjo-Kazooie!"
"NO! I'm out of eggs!"
"I don't wanna know anything about anything."
"Everyone's gonna find out how bad I am at puzzles!"
"plays Doom music during Banjo-Tooie's first-person section*
"Oh god! I zoomed in too much and it freaked me out!"
"I've never been so excited and disappointed back-to-back."
"I'm proud of me."
"Dolphins, why?"
"I was the best drummest in the cosmos."
"You are loud, Mr. Phone."
"My favorite color is victory."
"WHAT? How did we save..? Whatever."
"I don't need your beetle skip, NERD!"
"I love that it whips the dudes across the stage."
"Costs us a lots of time."
"But I'm not a scientist, Mr. Tutorial Man."
"Food doesn't have to be efficient, it has to be awesome{or some other word idk]"
"Only good beet, is a dropped beet."
"Whoa.. I just bounced off of that WHILE I ate it!"
"Who do I relate to? Yoshi, because I eat everything."
"We are too far down the pizza hole to back out now" -Mystakin 2015
"Hold on the UFO is going to throw cows!"
"Timeouts are free."
"The cows are gonna be shot from space!"
"What color is pineapple? Don't answer that."
"You ever talk to someone long enough you know the color of their name?"
"I'm a professionist."
"Can I do math in here?" 
"I just want this cow to never stop spinning"
"I can't caffeine fast enough!" -Queen
"Look at the tiny pizzas'!"
"That moment when you have to get hit by a cow to test your video game."
"Gotta spend pizza to make pizza."
"Is it a big excitement?"
"I am secretly King Knight."
"Ain't no one gonna tell Shovel Knight God what to do."
"It was not only a win, but it was a victory!" -Queen
"Spaghetti is like fake pasta."
"He didn't even have the decency to Kappa!"
"Pizza is a fine justification for typos."
"Suck it, DJ Mystakin!"
"Don't tell me how to breathe! I breathe how I want to!"
"I bet y'all were scared, weren't ya? I wasn't scared."
"If only he had Kappa 'd."
"I'm not giving away a door!"
"Mystey you are far greater than pizza to me."
"Photos of me can only be traded in an alley."
"I never signed up for evil beehives!"
"Food increases comfy levels."
"You can't take shortcuts to hype. It has to come naturally. Or else it's the bad hype."
"Sometimes it's just really hard to run a straight line."
"We can sing Beatles music later, I need to get this stuff first."
"Not plastic! That's my only weakness!"
"I'm in a constant state of desiring cheesecake, so.."
"I'm DansGame ing on the inside right now."
"I'll take all the Mystey I can get!"
"Everyone knows Santa Claus is real!"
"Pizza is the best kind of cake, really."
"I like to sing about the things that are on my mind. Such as food.. and more food."
"I've never taken that my damage from a treasure chest before."
"What? I'm so confused... Is this another SpongeBob reference?" - Mystakin's thoughts toward everything
"I just want to lay down and nap. But instead, I need to go for world reccies."
"WHAT! ... I've been bamboozled."
"Now there's a spider in my room who's mad and knows what I look like."
"I don't think the Joker was the only one who had plans."
"That is in fact a picture of Mystey eating peanut butter on my phone."
"Who is that lady and why was she talking about dank maymays? I think she wanted a job."
"I'm very anti-carpet, apparently."
"Have you ever eaten a light bulb? They're awesome!"
"I do not promote eating light bulbs."
"Dark like you soul, Mystey. Idk."
"I think Grunty is pretty on the inside."
"i swear if ever make an internet bucket list its gonna have "get my own quote listed on mystakins mystbott list" even if it doesnt stay on there for more than a month." -Tagmer
"Shut up, Vile!"
"I don't know, I don't keep track of why" - Queen Mystey 
"I don't wanna kill George... Alright let's kill George."
"It's not a stream unless somebody drinks out of a milk jug."
"I WAS gonna handle it calmly! I was gonna calmly time him out!"
"I'm already not excited."
"This freaking Gandalf again."
"There's never a bad time to get comfy."
"It's not a PB until the Jinjonator arrives."
"about those quotes <_<;"