mlp rape

mlp rape from Pastebin

        You wake up somewhere dark, but warm
You cant see a thing, but you can hear banging
A door opens and you hear a warm, caring voice
"H-hi anon, sorry I had to tie you up, but you would run away if I didn't"
The voice is fluttershy's calming tone
She flicks on the light and you can see nothing but dark red
As you have sudden realization that you are blindfolded, fluttershy walks over and tips you over onto the bed
"Since all my friends aren't virgins anymore, I thought it was time to lose mine" She says, untying your hands and tying them back to the posts
Anything you say is futile, as she has gagged you
You hear cloth being moved and buttons being undone as you feel a nudge in your pants
You slowly start to cough up the shirt in your mouth as you feel something warm touching you
"Am I suppose to do it like this?" Fluttershy says as you feel her hand moving up and down on your groin
Your breathe heightens to a peak as you start to climax
She stops, leaving you hanging
"Not yet anon, I haven't even started yet"
You feel something sit on you, grinding on your junk
the rag is half out of your mouth and you shake your head to get a eye to peak out
"Im starting, anon..." She says, as you see her move her panties out of the way
"Ghk.. AH!" You feel her slowly seep onto you
She moves up and down, slowly at first, then faster, faster!
"Anon.. I, I... AHH~" She yelps, as your seed quickly shoots into her, filling her to the brim with your semen
Both of you are breathing hardly, as she unties your hands
"Im sorry I tied yo-" Fluttershy starts, as you grab her and pull her close to you
"I-I'd like to go agian.. If thats fine"