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        Hey there im Hailey, this is a quick rainbow IP pinger I put together
to use this pinger simply copy my script from bellow open your notepad and paste my script once pasted click save save as and name the file anything you want but make sure you change the file type from default .txt to .bat as this is a batch file then save to your desktop and double click to run

@echo off
color A

title Hailey`s Pinger


ECHO d8888b. d888888b  .d88b.  d888888b d88888b  .o88b. db   db 
ECHO 88  `8D   `88'   .8P  Y8. `~~88~~' 88'     d8P  Y8 88   88 
ECHO 88oooY'    88    88    88    88    88ooooo 8P      88ooo88 
ECHO 88~~~b.    88    88    88    88    88~~~~~ 8b      88~~~88 
ECHO 88   8D   .88.   `8b  d8'    88    88.     Y8b  d8 88   88 
ECHO Y8888P' Y888888P  `Y88P'     YP    Y88888P  `Y88P' YP   YP 
ECHO ==========================================================
ECHO Hey guys this is just a quick rainbow pinger i made for you guys ENJOY!
ECHO Add me on kik to get more of my projects @biotechpro3rd

set /p IP=Enter IP To Ping:
PING -n 1 %IP% | FIND "TTL="
title :: Pinging: %IP% ::
set /a num=(%Random%%%9)+1
color %num%
ping -t 2 0 10 >nul
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