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        #BuildModus / Protection
#Addons: skQuery
command /build:

ÿþÿþ	permission:
	permission message: &4Kein Zugriff!
		if {build.%player%} is true:
			set {build.%player%} to false
			send "&aDu kannst nun nicht mehr bauen!"
			send "&aDu kannst nun bauen!"
			set {build.%player%} to true

on block break:
	if {build.%player%} is false:
		cancel event

on block place:
	if {build.%player%} is false:
		cancel event

on join:
	set {build.%player%} to false

command /invsee <player>:
		if arg-1 is set:
			open arg-1's inventory to player
			send "&aDu siehst nun in dass &dInventar &avon &6%arg-1%"