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        Incest Story 1 – Walkthrough

Recommend saving after each quest as well as restarting the games after you’ve completed every 6 quests
To save on health items head back to your bed and “Rest” it will restore HP & MP
Stock up on First Aid kits and Water
Avoid all bald headed men in the evening

USE the map to find your way around, located in the key ITEMS menu

Doors indicated by carpets
Replay gallery (2rooms) Located in your room on the left
Markers tell use were to go and that you need to do something there
Fighting and winning gains you Exp points, Money and items to use or sell
More Exp point = Bigger HP & MP bar and become stronger

Bonus Boxes (Total 8)

Sister Night Visit (Bonus Scene 1)
Key box down a manhole (press spacebar) near the bar
Scene box near petrol station

Mother Angry Footjob (Bonus Scene 2)
Key box through a hidden rocky path on the left side of beach
Scene box on the beach

Sister Foot Job (Bonus Scene 3)
Key box near the mall
Scene box near the warehouse

Drugged Lifeguard (Bonus Scene 4)
Key box near uncle's office (Next to Teacher’s house, near school)
Scene box near biker gang (New Area Near beach)

Start by collecting from every room in your house as well, especially the Garage through the kitchen
Collecting everything from every house in the main map at the very beginning of game

MONEY – $141

Apple x 1
Carrot x2
First Aid Kit x 10
Little Water x 3
Water x 1

Hammer - house West beside yours
Screwdriver (Needed for a future quest) - your house
Wrench - car shop
Town Map (Useful for finding your way around)


Quest #1 – Newspaper Stand

Location: Southern street in Main Town, West from the shop


Quest #2 – Sewer

Collect gun
Other items down here: first aid kit x1, apple x2
Head North East to the ladder
Avoid(Escape) fighting for now (you will die or waste all your heal kits)
Climb Ladder
Now head home for a scene


Quest #3 – Aunt Part 1

Speak to Mother
Head East to Aunt house
Speak to Aunt
Head to bank and talk to teller
Head back to aunt?s house for a scene
Head back to your house to get camera
Before doing anything else equip your gun (Esc>Equipment>Select Player>Optimize>Esc)
Head to attic to collect key for basement, beware of rats
DO NOT fight more than one rat at a time for now
Head to basement to collect camera
Head back to Aunt’s house for a scene

Before moving on to the next quest I would recommend farming for money and supplies (or use the alternative below)
You can farm at your house using the Attic or the basement, just walk/dash around until you begin a fight
I recommend using the Attic to farm, advantage to this is you don’t have to go far to rest in bed and recover full HP & MP
Then repeat, this can take a while but worth it in the end
As you accumulate money you buy new armour(clothing) and weapons and sell the extras to make money faster.
I recommend using special attack on larger groups and painkillers to extend you time before you need to rest
Killing 2+ rats = more money, items & Exp. points
Save periodically
Once you have enough Exp, weapons and clothes, you can farm in the basement to fight larger groups and get money faster
You’ll need a minimum of $3,350 or a max of 17,150/20,150 to get bigger weapons.

Minimum recommended to play the game
Level: 9/10
Weapon: Silver Shotgun (upgradable to Minigun/Futuristic Weapon)
Shield: Bulletproof vest
Headgear: Hat (upgradable to Santa Hat)
Bodygear: Good Quality Clothes
Accessory: Necklace

Load Save File #2 (can be downloaded from the same f95zone post where this walkthrough came from)
This file was saved at the end of Quest #3 without starting any other quests, and it has done most of the grinding for you.
Here are the stats for this save file:
Level: 9
Weapon: Small Pistol
Shield: Bulletproof Vest
Headgear: none
Bodygear: Good Quality Clothes
Accessory: Necklace
Money: $601
So you only need $800 more (32 more dead rats) to buy the recommended Silver Shotgun and the Hat, or you can start
playing right away and save for the Santa Hat and a bigger gun.  I personally began playing here and had no difficulty.
You get an UZI (better gun, but not the best) during quest 7, and it's easy to save money for the bigger items.  Also you
lose your gun during Quest #9, so there's no reason to get a good gun right now.


Quest #4 – Blondie

Check Map and head South East to the Petrol Station
Go in the alley to the blonde woman and 2 dudes
Talk to blond woman
Head to School through park, North West
Make sure you have ample First Aid and Water just in case, you will not be able to go home to rest
Fight your way North through the park to the school, then go behind the school
Use Special attack on final bullies
Head back to Blond woman for a scene
Head Back Home to rest


Quest #5 – Prostitute

Make sure you have $350
Check Map, go Middle West to the Prostitute
She is the purple/redish haired woman, behind building below you as you enter area
Talk to her for a scene
Cannot be revisited


Quest #6 – Sleeping Pills

Head Home
Head to bed, Sleep Till Evening
Head outside, talk to Tom waiting next to your home
Head East towards Aunts house
Once past Aunts House, head south to the next area, you should then see Manhole with marker
Items in the sewer aren't really worth exploring for (Banana right when you enter, $50 in SE corner)
Don't let Tom die.  He's probably weaker than you, and enemies target him first, so heal him when you need to.
Ladder is in the Southwest corner
When you enter compound, after you murder the cop, head into the second (top East) building
Head up through the hallways to get key card on a table in the corner at the very end
head back to entrance hall
Before you go in, there's a cop there that will move towards you.  You can let him catch you to fight (he's only a little
stronger than the normal cops) or you can run around him.  Your choice.
Access the very first door by the entrance with key card
Once you collect the pills head back through the sewers
Bat boss at the end... normal bat lol
Go up the ladder and get caught by cops for a scene
Head home and sleep till morning


Quest #7 – Sister Part 1

Go into sister’s room next door
Talk to sister
Head to airport, Check Map, South West corner
Enter through gate
Enter the big building
Go through building collecting items as you go
Final marker in the furthest room is the luggage
If you're still using the small pistol, save before getting the luggage
You have to murder the TSA guard to get the bags (he has a high chance to drop an UZI gun, so if you need that and don't
get it from the fight, reload your save file to try again.)
Fight your way out of the airport and go out the gate for a scene
Head back and talk to sister for a scene


Quest #8 – Mother Part 1

Head Downstairs
Talk to Mother
Clean backyard – beware of rats
Fights can’t be avoided
When finished head to the store and sell all your weapons.  Quest #9 will make you lose your weapons anyways, so you 
might as well get some money from it.
Then go back to Mother
Make and give tea to Mother
Head back to bedroom and rest
Go to Mother’s room


Quest #9 – Kate, Police Woman Part 1

Head Downstairs
Talk to Police Woman
Give up and go with her because you will lose the fight
You lose all your items, but you will get everything back in the end (except your weapons)
Check everything in the cell, EVERYTHING
Go to the cell door only after guard is in front of it
Check everything again
Go to the cell door only after guard is in front of it
Fight is unavoidable, add murder to your rap sheet
You can run from fights from here on, recommended as you lost your gun
Check all open cells for items
Upstairs 1 floor, talk to female prisoner (Kate)
Select “take out your dick and let her do what she wants” for a scene and so she will help you later
From the lobby, don't go out the entrance, and enter the door at the top right
Talk to Police Woman to fight, you will lose
Head back to cells and release Kate to fight with you, and she gives you a knife
Head back to Police Woman and fight her with Kate
After “sometime later” head back inside for a scene
Head Home


You don't get your gun back, but you get a knife that is somehow as powerful as a shotgun.
You won't lose your weapons again, so you can farm for a big gun now or buy a smaller one and wait to save money.


Quest #10 – Mother Part 2

Talk to Mother
Head to Mother’s room
Select “Show her the photos”


Quest #11 – Sister Part 2

Enter Sister’s Room
Read paper
Head to Nicole’s house – Check Map (middle bottom left)
Jump over the metal gate by the area that looks like a park
Kill their pets
Go north on the path
If you didn't already grind for a gun, I recommend fighting all encounters because the dogs have a chance to drop
the Golden Shotgun, but it's a rare chance so don't waste too much time.
Enter house
Collect items as you go
SAVE before you enter the room with the sister (recommend using a different save slot if you choose not to risk it)
You will be given 2 choices, each with a different outcome
Nicole will see you if you risk it, but there are no negative outcomes, so you probably want to risk it
But even if you select not to risk it, you can still see the alternate outcome in the Replay Gallery
Head Home


Quest #12 – Nicole Part 1

Head back to Nicole’s house
Go to the marker under the window
Head back home
Sleep till the evening
Again, Head back to Nicole’s house
Go to the marker under the window
Batteries located in the garage at your house
Back to Nicole’s and the marker
Go home and sleep till morning
then it’s back to Nicole
No fighting dogs this time
Talk to her for a scene (there's an option, and you can check the different out comes in the Replay Gallery


Quest #13 – Mother part 3

Talk to Dad
Talk to Mother
Go to the shop across the street from your house, and talk to the shopkeeper
Go to Aunts House (top right path)
Wine is located in the far left room upstairs
Go home and give the wine to Mother
Tidy up the house, Locate 7 items
4 x Ground Floor
1 x Garage
1 x Upstairs
1 x Your Room
Talk to mom for a scene
After scene, select Father quest


Quest #14 – Father & Teacher part 1

Head to Father’s Office (Check map, Near Nicole’s House)
Talk to Secretary
Head to School (Check map)
Enter through the first door you see at the school
Select to keep watching
Go all the way to the top floor
Check Marker
Go in the elevator on same floor
3 Parts are needed for lift, to be placed in this order
Cables (Class Room on ground floor)
Control Panel (In locker on second floor next to stairs)
Switch (Class Room next to lift)
Fix the elevator for a scene; fix parts order is: cable, control panel, switch


Quest #15 – Aunt Part 2

Head to swimming pool (Check Map)
Enter building all the way at the end of area
Talk to receptionist, but DON'T pay the $1500 for the pass
It won't mess up the story if you buy it, but it's a waste of money
Go behind the build opposite the pool and access the manhole
Swimming trunks located in your room at home
Flip Flops can be bought at the clothing shop in main area for $120, but only after you get the trunks
Go back to the manhole behind the build opposite the pool
Go through the sewer
You can run from fights to save time, or fight to get easy money (nothing can hurt you with your armor now)
Head to the far east ($50 can be found) then north to the exit (banana by exit)
Click a basket to change to trunks
Try to go to pool, through the door
Click any shower to take a shower
Visit Aunt in the north for a scene
Change back to your clothes


Quest #16 – Sales Woman, Lifeguard Part 1, Mother Part 4, Aunt Part 3

Head home
Talk to sister
Head to Mother’s room
Talk to sister
Head to the pub (check map, past the airport)
Talk to dad
Talk to Kate outside pub next to bike
Go to the Petrol station (past Blondie’s quest area)
Speak to Sales Woman
Leave petrol station and go to fence, north west, there is a part you can break with the “Screwdriver”
Go north east to the house, fights avoidable
Unavoidable fight in house
Check Chest
Go back to Petrol station, talk to Sales Woman for a scene
Before going to the beach, make sure you have $2400.  There is a clothing store that has unique strong items at the beach.
Head back to Kate and give the petrol

You are now at the beach (New area)
Check houses for items
At the clothing store, buy the Big Boots and Red Gloves
Ask people if they've seen dad.  Ask the man in front of the store, police in front of east house, man on the corner by
the bus stop, and red hair guy across from the bus stop.  Last one you ask will tell you to search the beach.
Head south to the beach
Change to trunks by clicking a basket
Speak to every on beach
Speak to lifeguard
Head to marker to the left of her
Leave the beach, change clothes
Speak to bald headed man outside grey building
Locate 7 bags, check within the area, beach and inside the buildings
Go back to bald headed man
Head back to beach and previous marker for a scene
Stay on the beach and head east
Speak to dad to receive key
Go back to Kate (Where she dropped you off)
Go back home, then Mother’s room for a scene


Quest #17 – Father, Police Woman part 2

Talk to Sister
Go to Police Station
Speak to the man at desk
Go into Police Woman’s office, same one as in Part 1
Speak with her, she wants you to find a formula
Go to the beach, speak to Kate near the bar to take you there
Go East when you arrive
Except for the 1st one the fights are avoidable, but I would fight all if you still need better weapons.  They shouldn't
do very much damage if you bought the armor from the beach, and they have a moderate chance to drop the MP44 gun.
Actually this is the best new place to farm money because they drop good amount of cash, and have moderate drops for the
MP44 and Gloves, which both sell for over $200.
Go North to the marker, find out you need a code to enter
Head back to beach clothing shop, and speak to the bald headed man
Fight and get the code “1122”
Head back to the warehouse and use the code
Once inside locate the formula in one of the green cabinets you see right when you walk in, not all the way at the top
Once located Go back to the beach and have Kate take you back
Go back to the Police Woman and give her the formula for a scene


Quest #18 – Sister Part 3

Head home
Talk to sister
Go to bed and you will Sleep till evening
Head to the Mall, Pass the bar
Use “screwdriver” to break into the mall
Kill the security guard to keep those murders rolling; pretty sure you qualify as a serial killer now
Head to the food shop and go to the register
Go to the restaurant and check the chalkboard
Go to the clothes shop and check the book near the door
Go to the Jewellers and get the necklace
Head back home and give the necklace to the sister in her room for a scene


Quest #19 – Aunt Part 4

While still in the evening
Go to Mother’s room and enter
Keep Watching
Go to Aunt’s house
Enter Garage next to Aunt’s house
Try car door
Look for car keys
Head outside and go to the marker under the window
Look for car key inside, go through the door in front of you and look in the light brown dresser
Head back to garage and enter car for scene


Quest #20 – Tom’s Mother, Mother Part 5, Sister Part 4

Head home and Sleep till morning
Go to the garage and speak to mum, say Yes
Speak to the man in the red trunk next to the and rope and vases
Leave the beach, change into your clothes and head North West, to the footpath in the very top left corner
Keep heading West until you see houses, fights should be easy for you now
Wolves have a rare chance to drop the Golden Shotgun, so I wouldn't avoid battling unless you already have a better gun
Search houses and find items
You will find Tom’s house at the end of the street, enter it for a scene
Head back to the beach and talk to the man in red trunks
Give the fish to Dad for a scene
The scenes can be replayed many times in new ways, until you stop/continue it (same in the Replay gallery)


Quests #21-#26 fall under the umbrella of Mother part 6, Sister Part 5

Speak to Mother, twice
Speak to Sister, Twice, ask both questions

Quest #21 – Teacher Part 2

Head to the school
Check the billboard inside the school
Head outside the school and go west
Enter the first house you see
Talk to teacher
Holy crap, you're about to add stealing a freaking house to your list of crimes
Go to landlord's house past the police station, house with double doors on the right side of Blondie's area
Head upstairs
All fight unavoidable if you bump into the guards
You can’t win against the boss
Head back to the teacher’s house and talk (no scene)
After the teacher head back home
Speak to Mother


Quest #22 – Aunt Part 5

Got to Aunt’s house
Speak to Aunt outside garage
Get keys from table outside and give them to Aunt for a scene


Quest #23 – Cousin

Try the gate and the marker
Locate 2 pieces of Rope: 1 far North West corner, 1 inside restaurant in the south
House by the shop is the only one with items
Head back to the maker at uncle’s house and use with rope
Go to the last door in the hallway
Head outside and check both stacks of Tires (inside and outside the wall)
Go back inside and use keys
Check Markers
Clean up the rooms
Call a cab
As leaving WALK do NOT dash
walk to the object next to the sink
Press it, stairs will appear above you, walk to them
Talk to Cousin for a scene


Quest #24 – Aunt Part 6

Go outside and get the taxi, located all the way at the bottom(South)
Go home and Speak to Sister
Go to aunt’s house, ring the door bell
Go to Uncle’s office near the teacher’s house and click on the gate
Go through the teacher's yard to the broken part of the fence
Better save here, you need to avoid everyone in order to get to your uncle
Go through the crack in the wall
Go to the stairs on the West wall
Click the chair in the East room to speak to uncle
Head back to Aunt’s house and the marker under the window for a scene


Quest #25 – Nicole Part 2

Go to Nicole's house
Go to the Mall
Head to the benches next to the boat
Talk to Nicole
Head into the shopping centre
Enter the restaurant
Buy the Wine from the man in the trench coat (top West corner)
Go back to Nicole give her the Wine for a scene
Start by kissing, Touching, Take of her pants


Quest #26 – Prostitute Part 2, Tom Part 1, and finish Mother Part 6 and Sister Part 5

Head to the beach, ask Kate for a lift
Head South East to new area
Check around for items
Head North to the big building (Hotel)
Speak to Reception
Head upstairs to the top floor
Look for a red door at the end of the hallway and try to enter
Head back to talk to reception
Head back to the top floor and the key card is in the first room, looks like a red box
Open red door for a scene
Go to and enter the Warehouse (North East path from main beach town)
Locate the sleeping pill (far right shelf in the middle row)
Head back to Tom at the hotel, where you last saw him
Go to the food shop at the beach, by Kate
Speak to the Salesman over the counter
Head back to the hotel area and go to the beach
Slaughter the bikers at the beach, in a public place
You're already getting the death penalty if you get arrested so things can't get worse
Go back to the shop and speak to Salesman
Go to Tom’s house (top left through the wolf path)
Speak to Tom who is waiting outside
Go back to Kate, have her take you back home
Go to your room
Use marker to change
Have a shower in the bathroom downstairs, entrance located in the sitting room with the TV
Head back to the room for a scene


Quest #27 – Aunt Part 7

Head downstairs
Talk to Aunt for a scene
Clean the attic
Head downstairs and listen to Mother and sister argue
Talk to Mother
Talk to Aunt
Talk to Sister
Search fridge for drink
Go to the food shop and buy another Isotonic Drink, then bring it to sister
Go to teacher’s house and try to get in
Go to Furniture store beyond the Prostitute area and pool
Enter Store
Talk to Salesman
Still in the store head east
Go to marker and talk to organiser
Collect laser gun from cabinet
Enter door to begin
Defeat everyone to win (7 enemies)
Take the ticket to furniture salesman
Return home
Go to the attic and talk with Aunt
Talk with Mother, then go back and talk to Aunt
Repeat talking to her to go through all 4 choice
You can visit her anytime and replay


Quest #28 – Father, Teacher Part 3

Go to teacher house
Enter House
Sneak/run past her to get what's on the table
Get caught and thrown out, you will still have the phone with you
Go to the Gangsters house (same place you got the property deed, Blondie area)
Give phone to gangster boss, he’s in the lobby as you walk in
Go upstairs to the boss' office
Talk to boss’ girlfriend
Go to the school
As you enter, murder the bullies so they can never bully you again
Head to the top floor and click the marker to see your classroom, then go inside
Place video camera at marker for a scene


Quest #29 – Mother Part 7

Head home
Talk to Mother for a scene


Quest #30 – Lifeguard Part 2

This quest is optional and has no incest.  You can play it any time by clicking the marker on your TV.
Click on marker on TV
Give package to lifeguard and leave
Go to the warehouse
Check all the markers, one is in the North East
Enter secret room
Speak to bald headed man and fight him
Exit Warehouse
Check all the rooms then add drug to wine
Go to marker in kitchen
You can replay scene anytime by clicking on the marker on tv


Quest #31 – Gangsters Girlfriend

Head to Gangster's house in the Blondie area
Go upstairs
Talk to Gangster's Girlfriend for a scene


Quest #32 – Sister Part 6

Head to the park on the path to the school
Sister is in the Northwest corner
Talk to each rapist and murder them (this one is okay because it's in defense, right?)
Talk to sister


Quest #33 – Mother Part 8, Sister Part 7

Head home
Speak to Mother in her bedroom
Go to your bed and rest for a scene
Go to bathroom downstairs
Speak with Mother and Sister
Have a shower

I recommend saving here so that you may be able to visit the replay gallery in the future.

Sit on the chair next to couch for the final scene