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        This is Eternals guide for beginners to learn to jack Twitter accounts.

So to start off, there will be one method and some tips.


This first method, will be just the normal, email jacking method. 
1. Find the inactive account you want.
2. Go to the Twitter Forgot Password page (
3. Type in the @ of the account.
4. A starred out email will show up. Your goal is to try to guess what this is. Tips on how to guess the email will be at the very end of this paste.
5. Once you guess the starred out email, you will now go to create it. Once you create it, send a password reset. If it is the right email, then a password reset should show up in your mail. If the email is already taken, then you probably can’t get in unless you try tip #1.

tip #1: is a paid database look up. type in the email or the @ and it shows up possible passwords that have been used before by that email or @. This is a really efficient tool.
tip #2: don’t even bother trying to remake gmails. the reset password never works unless you get into the email yourself without remaking it.
tip#3: guessing the email can be easy, but can be hard at times. sometimes it is just the @. Other times it is the name of the account. if there is one extra character while using the name of the account, it is most likely a ., _, or a number. Don’t try doing numbers.
tip #4 hotmails and yahoos are what your pretty much looking for.
if you have any more questions or are curious about anything dm me