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        Listen, if you guys are planning to read this thank you. I spent hours of time making a mirror script just for it to get stomped on, read it if you want. Finish it if you care :(

Recently I was making a mirror script and was searching up Roblox mirror videos to see if there were any tutorials. anyways I stumbled across someone named Kai who was selling a mirror script for 1000 robux and already that price seemed outrageous. 1000 for a mirror script?! But whatever, if she wants to sell stuff im fine with that. As I am watching the video I notice the absurd amount of dislikes so I get curious and check the comments. Upon looking at it I see tons of people complaining how greedy of a bastard she is. When someone says that she always ends up responding with the same things. "sorry if your broke" and "Your just to broke"

Heres only a few comments for context
Most questions are always answered rudely and completely dishonestly.
Anyways I start to get a little bugged out by her, she completely lies about her being the only few people having the script it's even in the description
Anyways I leave the whole storm alone for a bit until I finished making my mirror script, I come back later and ask her

*She deleted my account before I could screenshot it* Anyways I ask why she thinks she's one of the only few people with a mirror script and here's her reply

"Because it's true, buy my mirror script its non-lag and virus free!" I respond with "Sorry I already made my own mirror script, I'm just wondering you think your the only few people that have a mirror script" She then responds with "Poor person" after I just said finally "I'm not poor, I just made my own" I was trying to be as civilized and chill as possible.

Anyways I post a video showcasing the mirror script that I made, it got a few views and likes. the video was going smoothly as people start to appreciate my work and then all of a sudden I get a comment from Kai
Um ok? Another lie? this is getting annoying..

Someone named Okay came to defend me "Kai why are you so damn annoying and self-entitled?" I respond with

"Yeah Ikr and it's annoying as f*** (I started to lose my cool) she obviously lies about everything"

Anyways me and him are defending each other and start to talk, Okay was looking for a way to make a mirror script by his own
We start talking
Then all of a sudden Kai comes back
Okay, what? when did I buy from him!?

I respond with "N*** Stf* Your such a scumb**" and a lot of things along the lines of that.
Okay was clearly trying to be civilized

I was trying to avoid posting gyazo's of swearing as Roblox is obviously a kid site and I didn't want to spread swearing but here I can't censor to much anymore

Click if you are fine with swearing
I was pretty angry after this happened, I spent a long time making a mirror script just for this to happen.

So I check back for any replies and I notice my video had 30 dislikes 30 DISLIKES!?

I tell her did you make alt accounts just to dislike my video and she just says

"Yeah lol, never should have sold MY mirror script!"

I see that she clearly has destroyed the video I made scaring off any passing viewers thinking its some kind of scam.

I delete the video as there is obviously no recovery from this.

I check back on her video and it turns out she removed the like to dislike ratio, here's what I say
I respond with this solid evidence
She then says "Clearly your just lying! you're just trying to scam people with your virus filled mirror script!"

Yeah ok....

Then now recently I re-uploaded the same video hoping she would ignore it and maybe leave.

I enjoy making scripts for people for free, that's what I do. heres my video. I gave away the mirror script as that's what I intended
I only posted this about 20 minutes ago and already
More alts, nice.

In the comments, I see this
I tried acting as cool as possible without many reactions.

That's where it ends, all I wanted to do was post mirror scripts for people in need of a mirror script and this is what I get?

Listen I'm thankful if you read all of this as I doubt many people stop by to actually read stuff like this but if you did please help support me, seriously. I'm not re-uploading another video just for it to get more dislikes again. If you really think that persons a brat please help me by defending me, do you really want to see Roblox being run by tons of paid models? Is that really the future you guys want? I just don't want to see my hard work spat on by an internet troll.

I will likely get more hate from this person so I might edit this but for now



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