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        How to use:

1.- Download and install Python 2.7

2.- Download and install PyCrypto py2.7
(32 bits)
(64 bits)

3.- Open Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables
Under System Variables, you'll see a Variable called "path", double click the 'Value' portion, and add ;C:\Python27

4.- Click "download zip" in the following link to get svanheulen's tools and unzip it

5.- Open a command line in mhef-master (shift+right click and select "Open Command Prompt in this Folder") and type the following command

python install

6.- Copy your main savedata userX to the folder called n3ds. Open a command line and decrypt it with this command:

python d userX userX_d

7.- Now userX_d will be your decrypted save. Edit it. Then you can get it encrypted again by typing this command:

python e userX_d userX

Guild Quest Map Values:
Refer to this image for map values:

Equipment Values: