helsmyrr village

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Helsmyrr village - sse Pastebin
        A little list of town mods I use to help make cities feel bigger:

Solitude Public Bathhouse -

Better Docks -

Dawn of Riften -

Dawn of Solitude -

Expanded Towns and Cities (with the required patches) -

Helsmyrr Village -

JKs Markarth -

JKs Whiterun -

I also use JKs Whiterun outskirts mods, you can use the ETaC one if you want but it made the place feel to cluttered and not in the good way.

JKs Windhelm -

Laintar Dale -!4wgQTQwA!Gzsv8q3pW8eUvF3ZdCI15nMs-AinXfuKncLfozzQ2Gg

(Dont use Oakwood, its a CTD machine)

Legendary Cities -

SeaPoint Settlment -

Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town -

SKY CITY Markarth Rising -

(works perfectly with JK and Dawn of)

Solitude Docks District -

Solitude Docks District Seam Fix -!vw5wRYyI!K5QR3cCIepJT7fDTMI9Smw

(made by a kind anon from /tesg/)

Solitude Reborn -

Possibly the biggest and best, imo, Solitude mod. While it just adds abunch of houses and NPCs that do nothing (just like real life) its very stable and adds alot more content. Just ignore alot of grey faced npcs. The guy said he'd fix it and then vanished.

Books of Skyrim -

Seaside Library -

Windhelm Exterior Altered - Windhelm Exterior Altered Optional -

Balthazars Books - a Markarth bookstore -

Balthazars Books JKs Markarth Patch -!n4hWTBLa!YscOkL33D71q7qtEDhVxbA

Cake O'Clock - (use alt location)

The Honey Spirit -

Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins - (original mod by Rhinala70 was deleted so if you can find that, use that one)