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        >Day beep.... beep.... beep.... in Equestria

>You are Anon and you are slowly regaining consciousness.
>"...ctor, I thi.... king up!"
>Awareness returns to you with all the speed and grace of molasses on a summer Sunday.
>Your drug-addled brain eventually tells you that you're in a hospital.
>You can tell because of the hospital bed you're lying on; 
>The hospital gown you're wearing; 
>The nearby beeps from hospital machines;
>And the fact that you remember being carried away to the hospital and prepared for surgery.
>Good job, brain. Ten-oudda-ten, hundred percent, game of the year.
>>"Anon, can you hear me? Do you understand me?"
>Aww, it's a doctor pony! And she's got a widdle labcoat and eye-gwasses!
>You've never felt more eloquent. This drug-induced coma is doing wonders for your charisma.
>Jesus, it feels like they dosed you up with horse tranq.....
>Doctor-pony says doctor things, but you are too busy trying not to throw up to really listen.
>But it's okay. You can hear another voice talking too, so you guess the doctor was talking to her instead.
>A sniffle from your right brings to your attention the presence of a pony by your side.
>Hecks and dang, it's Twilight! She's got your hand if her hooves and she looks like she was just told that you've got horsecancer.

>She looks awful.
>"Th-they couldn't g-get your back to he-heal with magic."
>Oh, she sounds so distraught. You give her your best smile.
>"Th-they had to c-cut your back open to get all of the gl-glass out... They say it had b-been their first instance of non-magical invasive suh-surgery in nearly a decade..."
>She crawls onto your bed and buries her face into your armpit, using her magic to wrap your arm around her.
>Oh gosh she's trembling.
>"There was so mu-huch blood! They t-told me over and over that you cuh-couldn't feel an-anything, but it was so hard to wa-ha-ha-hatch!"
>And now she's crying. You pull her onto your chest and wrap her in a hug. Yandere behaviour or not, >Twilight's still your friend. 
>You stay like this for a few minutes; she really needs a hug.
>Maybe Twilight's not so bad aftera-
>And like a flash, Twilight's returned to her chair.
>Just in time for the door to open and a few of your other friends to come in.
>Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.

>They're all looking down at you, and you can tell they were very worried.
>Except for Rainbow Dash.
>The first thing that catches her attention is Twilight trying to wipe away all evidence of her crying.
>RD: "...Twilight, were you seriously crying just now?"
>TS: "N-no, of course not! Anon's just fine, why would I be upset?"
>Rainbow Dash is taking WAY too much pleasure out of ribbing Twilight.
>RD: "Haha, whatever, Twilight. Don't be such a bucking filly-fooler."
>AJ: "Rainbow Dash, that's enough. T'aint nothin' wrong wit' cryin' when yer friend is in the hospital."
>TS: "Y-yeah, Dash, I'm confident enough in my maresculinity that I can express how distraught I felt when the doctors told me that healing magic doesn't work on Anon and they had to DIG though his FLESH with KNIVES to get everything out."
>Woah, Twilight sure worked up a real head full of steam there.
>Rainbow Dash's blue face is starting to take on a shade of green. She looks over at you and you can see a mixture of shock, remorse, and concern.
>RD: "I-I didn't know. Oh gosh, Anon, are you alright now?"
>She looks like she wants to get closer to you, but after a glance at Twilight, stays where she is.
"I told you, humans are durable. It takes more than a little bit of broken glass to keep one of us down."
>Sure is easy to say that when you aren't bleeding to death on the floor of Rarity's boutique.
>Pinkie Pie's been awfully quiet this whole time.
>Where did she ge-Oh.
>She's on the bed next to you and she's eating your hospital lunch.
>Whatever, the green J-ello probably used pulverized hay as a gelatinizing agent, and you're pretty sure that would either give you the runs, or poison you.

>Speaking of ponies not contributing to the conversation...
"Hey guys, where's Rarity?"
>Everyone looks a little bit uncomfortable now.
>Applejack opens her mouth to speak, but Twilight gets there first.
>TS: "Oh, silly me! I guess I forgot to invite her."
>She tries to giggle dismissively, but it sounds more like she's cackling madly.
>And it looks like Applejack's trying to say something again.
>AJ: "Anawn.... Ah know this might no' be the best time ter be askin' this.... and ah know this might make you feel uncomfortable, but the mares and ah really, REALLY, need to know...."
>Twilight's crawled back onto your bed and is nuzzling your face.
>She's muttering words of comfort in your ear.
>AJ: "Did yuh really fall onto the table, or did....."
>She glances to the door, looking nervous, and her voice drops to a whisper.
>AJ: "...or did somep0ny.... contribute to yer accident?"
>You don't really know what she's trying to get at. You're like twice the size of these ponies. How could they hurt you?
"What do you mean, Applejack? The only other pony there was..... Rarity...."
>Oh shit now you know what they mean. Why would they think that she'd try and hurt you?
>The look of realization on your face must have been enough for Applejack. She's nodding to herself and the look in her eyes promises pain.
>You have to stop this.
"W-wait, Rarity didn't do this to me. It was an accident, really!"
>TS: "So you're saying that you just HAPPENED to fall just as you passed a glass table...."
>TS: "Which just HAPPENS to be enchanted to hold almost any weight...."
>Was that a crack about your weight?
>TS: "And out of ALL the possible directions you could have fallen, you just HAPPEN to fall in the direction of the glass table."
>You're trying to think of something to say, but these accusations are coming too hot and fast for your drug-addled brain to really process.
>RD: "Wait wait wait. Are you implying that Rarity.... HURT.... Anon? A colt?"

Applejack sighs from beside you. She sounds.... defeated.
>AJ: "Rainbow, sometimes you think you know a pony, an' then they turn'round an' y'all find out they were a mannicore in a pony's clothin'."
>AJ: "Ah used to have an aunt down in Appleloosa, and when we went to visit she was the kahndest, most generous ol' mare y'all ever done seen."
>AJ: "Then we found out from the neighbors that she would hit mah uncle 'cause of the smallest thangs. Dinner wasn't made on time... the house wasn't clean.... she was drunk..."
>AJ: "Dashie, looks can be deceivin'. It's always the last pony y'all expect it to be."
>Wow. You had no idea that Applejack was carrying that weight around. No wonder she's one of the sweetest ponies you know; she doesn't want to make anypony feel the same way her aunt made her uncle feel.

>AJ: "Anon, nunnuh this is yer fault. You have no reason to feel 'shamed over this. Please, jus' tell us: Is Rarity hurtin' you?"
>Oh god what do you even say? This is so fucked up. Ponyland was supposed to be happy and sunshine and shit!
>You're saved having to answer by Rarity herself bursting in the room.
>R: "Goodness me! I had to hear from one of my customers that the five of you had gone to visit Anonymous in the hospital. I was so worried! How could you not tell me?"