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        >You are a mighty Fluffy Pony Thread
>You are also perfectly normal
>You had a hugbox story, but butthurt-anon changed the ending to have all the fluffies dying
>You had a tortureporn story, but sadistic-anon added two sequels and three gruesome alternate endings
>Now you have a raging canon debate between fat autistic neckbeards.
>It lives with you in moot's basement.
>Sleeps in its greentext behind your stash of dubs.
>Your raging canon debate is retarded but still makes better entertainment than some snufftales.
>You are auto-saged.
>In passive-aggressive retaliation, you anonymously accuse the mods of faggotry and demand you be moved to /b/.
>Angrier still, you demand established writers to stop posting in you because only snuggleporn/abusefics/outright pedophilia is allowed.
>Somehow, you don't feel any better.
>Decide to be a big thread and take your frustrations out on Anonymous.
>After all, if you can't defeat a helpless creature with the intellect of a toddler, then what kind of thread are you?
>You try to devise a way to drive Anonymous away using implications of shiggy diggies.
>Your post count grows to its full 500 posts of raging manly glory as you contemplate Anon's unceasing butthurt.
>But making stuff is hard.
>You quit, just like a disgusted drawfag.
>You decide to just accuse Anonymous of flooding and block all of his posts.
>Pretend you're the most popular thread on the forum.
>In reality, the most popular thread on the forum is either shooping blunts and bloodshot eyes onto ponies or trying to dissociate their imaginary friends.
>"Pway, daddy?" Asks a fluffy pony.
>Raging erection!!!
>You wind up and get ready to post some literally shitty edits of ponies covered with poopies and peepees.
>You miss.
>You slip on a random "What the fuck am I reading?" comment.
>You fall.
>OP cracked open.
>Game over.
>Fluffy pony is adopted by a loving /c/ thread and given hugs every day.