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        ## Why the FetLife Meatlist is Barely the Tip of the Iceberg

In the past couple of days folks on FetLife have been getting (justifiably) upset about the now infamous [FetLife Meatlist][] . 

*You ain't seen nothing yet. *

The truth is there are a HUGE number of tools out there available freely for anybody to download/use that automatically mine data from FetLife and do all sorts of creepy stuff. There are also tools that abstract all the more complicated business of interfacing with FetLife servers and enable just about everybody who can copy and paste some code snippets to design their own tools to do whatever they damn well please with the data. 

These tools are in widespread use by LARGE numbers of people including lots of well "known" and well "respected" "community" "leaders" . These are not tools that are exclusively by super-l33t-hackers living in a basement somewhere in Eastern Europe. These tools are in pretty common use. Don't kid yourselves otherwise.

[Fuck, there is even an iOS app that gives you the demographics,orientations and fetishes of anybody attending an arbitrary event][]

Folks who use these tools will point out that these tools improve their user experience and enable them to get more benefit from the site. These people will also argue that the data they mine is publicly available to any FetLife user and as such they should be free to use it for reasonable purposes. 

Let's not kid ourselves and be brutally honest here for a second - in MOST part these tools are used to find "attractive" female presenting people to hit on. However, some of these tools are definitely extremely useful and should even be implemented as features on the site.

It seems that a lot of people have forgotten about the [maymay incident of years past][] that was [discussed at excruciating length][]

To illustrate my point here is a list of tools written by maymay. [These are freely available on maymay's repository in source code form][] which allows anybody to user and modify them to do whatever they please.

### Felife Maltego
> This tool is able to automatically search and cross correlate between your fetlife account and and your Twitter and Facebook accounts and the accounts of all your friends as well.  This tool is used to draw links between your various social media accounts and it is also able to show you how you relate to your group of friends (and very likely will be correlate and display their twitter/facebook/fetlife and presences) [See Picture][]

> [Maltego][] is commonly used by forensic investigators and security analysts to mine data and analyze it. [It analyzes the relationships between people and groups across the entire internet][]. This tool is able to cross link between FetLife, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc and map relationships between folks. 

### Fetlife Export

> Enables a user to download and save all content ( pictures,statuses, writings, profile info, wall posts) of a supplied user. This could be easily modified to do the same for *any* user or *all* users

### Fetlife Video Sharer
> Enables a user to acquire the "perma-link" to ANY fetlife video and distribute a link to that video ANYWHERE that is viewable by ANYONE . This is a direct link to the video file on the server - with this link ANYONE could watch the video. EVEN IF they did NOT have a fetlife subscription. Hell THEY DONT EVEN NEED AN ACCOUNT OR TO BE ON THE WEBSITE.

### Fetlife Predetor Alert Tool
> A tool that queries an external server maintained by its author and displays a warning if the person whose profile you are viewing had been reported as an abuser via an [external website ][]

### Fetlife A/S/L search
> A tool that allows you to search for all people ** given age, sex, location or orientation.** 

### Fetlife Wordpress
> A tool that allows you to stream ALL your fetlife activity to a wordpress blog. Said wordpress blog obviously being an external public site where anybody can see it without needing to have registered for a FetLife account. 

> [There is a related tool][] which allows you to export a fetlife profile (and ALL its contents including pictures,statuses, writings, profile info, wall posts) to an external blog. 

> {There is another tool][] that enables you to import stuff from Wordpress into FetLife.

### Fetlife Library
> This is a tool for programmers that does all the messy logic of connecting to FetLife's servers and enables anybody to quickly and easily develop any kind of tool or plugin to interface with FetLife (to do whatever they damm well please)

### Fetlife Contacts & Calendar Events
> This tool enables fetlife contacts to be added to common contact manager applications and enables fetlife events to be added to common calendar applications like Google Calendar/ iCal. 

### Fetlife Threaded Responses
> This tools automatically threads responses in Fetlife Discussions to make the more legible

### Fetlife Text Search
> This tool enables you to search the full content of any FetLife discussion for any arbitrary text/phrase. You could also use this to find all comments by a certain user in a certain group. 

### Fetlife Spyscope
> This tool [pops up a window][] that displays a persons age, sex, location, role, and current activity when you hover over a link to their profile (without you needing to click on their profile) 

### Fetlife Demographics
> This tool displays the demographics( age, sex, and role) of all people that are attending a specific event. 

### Fetlife Proxy
> This tool uses a number of pre-created fetlife accounts so that any user can view content on fetlife without needing to register for an account.

All in all I hope that this post has been useful in informing you of the vast number of publicly available tools to download and analyze data from FetLife.