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        [01/01/2014 20:28:18] : Hey Destiny, consider this retaliatory. NSFW

[01/01/2014 20:34:44] : Hey Destiny, this is you at the game.

[01/01/2014 20:44:06] : NSFW this is Destiny at the Gym's lockerroom. THis is a hypothetical situation in which Destiny has the audacity to follow through with his complaints about other stronger men using the squat-rack improperly.

[03/29/2014 09:38:06 PM] : I drew a sketch of Destiny's progress at the gym, enjoy

[03/29/2014 09:46:02 PM] : OKAY new drawing, This one is a little more nsfw, so just a fair warning

[03/29/2014 09:56:59 PM] : Here's a portrait of steven

[04/02/2014 08:13:24 PM] : Hey guys I drew Destiny and TigerLily, it's some of my best work to date. Enjoy.

[04/03/2014 11:13:25 PM] : Acclaimss, here is my death :

[04/03/2014 11:27:47 PM] : Sorry it took me so long, had to restart my computer like three times.

[05:53:39 PM] : foshohqg this is you

[06:37:13 PM] :

[02:47:00 PM] : Okay, so I took to the drawing board and came up with a quick illustration of how the sleeping arrangement might turn out, tell me if this looks right

[03:04:05 PM] : here is an updated drawing: Erisann / Hafe / Destiny / Tigerlily / Me / Cheekzz. I forwent the zodiac signs or providing initials, the sit was really lagging and it would have been impossible to make it legible.

[07:58:12 PM] : hey guys I drew destiny in bed with a thermometer in his mouth

[05/26/2014 02:34:27 PM] : Alright, so I am starting a new series of drawings based on chat personalities in For each characterization, I've assigned strengths and weakness and a basic assessment of their disposition. This is a rough first look at a sketch I did of myself. My hope is for this to become the basis for a card game, which maybe someone else can figure out how to implement.

[05/26/2014 02:40:43 PM] : Alright hafe here you are

[05/27/2014 11:40:33 AM] : Brollebol I made you into a character for my card game

[05/27/2014 01:52:36 PM] : hey guys I drew Destiny as the "tortured streamer," since he seem so reluctant to broadcast his games. NSFW

[05/28/2014 08:32:48 PM] : Venat here you are "friend"

[05/28/2014 08:44:48 PM] : Camyo  here you are NSFW NSFW NSFW!!!!!

[06/05/2014 08:18:07 PM] : Spiders94 this is my interpretation of how you would look in my card game I am creating. Here you are

[06/05/2014 09:05:41 PM] : LONG_JOHNSON I've made you into a character. NSFW NSFW

[06/16/2014 10:44:29 PM] : Hey Guys TigerLily is now inducted into my card game. True to her name, she's taken on the form of a tiger/human hybrid thanks to radiation poisoning. Consequently, she doesn't wear clothes as she is no longer shameful of her nudity, as humans are. NSFW

[07/28/2014 07:56:46 PM] : This is a visual representation of what it's like when elite_ says he no longer has anyhting to do with EVE even when he still wears the EVE badge with pride nsfw

[03/29/2014 10:04:26 PM] : I drew RTBA being violated by a Power Supply Unit becuase someone asked for it, so here you are. Please enjoy.

[04/03/2014 11:37:21 PM] : NSFW this is RightToBearArmsLOL

[09:17:45 PM] : NSFW this is me fending off both Zerotoast and Atlasesque's attempts at causing me harm NSFW : (Context is they played DayZ SA with him and handcuffed and killed him eventually.) 

[05/26/2014 03:24:46 PM] : Okay guys, for my next charcters within my series, I present Zerotoast and Atlasesque. In the future, they have been mutated by radioactive fallout.