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Shadowsun Wheel.
Attune 8m
Artifact 4

This weapon casts a shadow over the battlefield, a hearld of combat.

Both a Grand Daiklave, and an overmassive shuriken, towering over its wielder and nearly impossible to lift by most exalts, let alone mortals. Only the attuned bearer wields this weapon with any degree of ease or grace. Converting the weapon to Shuriken mode requires a mere flick of the wrist. 

The bearer may, with a Ready Weapon action, convert the weapon between Grand Daiklave and Typhoon Wheel.The guard unfurls into a ring, and the blade slides around the guard on a track, leaving afterimages in it's wake. In the span of an eyeblink, these ghostly constructs snap into solid, physical blades. The final result are four blades arranged in a cross around the transformed guard, now a sturdy ring., each blade the size of a daiklave themselves. 

When used as a throwing weapon, it has the following statline.

Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +10L/5, Defense -, Rate 1, Range 60, Minimums: Strength 3 Thrown 4, Tags: O, P, T

if the player succeeds on a second, reflexive (Dexterity + Thrown) roll at difficulty 2, the weapon returns after a strike. Failure leaves the weapon stuck where it hit. This power only works when the weapon is being thrown. Most Flying targets who have the weapon still embedded are immediately brought down to ground level, as the weight of the weapon is beyond their ability to lift. Removing the weapon requires a diceless miscelaneous action.

When used as a Grand Daiklave, n this configuration it uses the following statline.

Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +12L/5, Defense +1, Rate 3, Minimums: Strength 3, Tags: 2, O, P, R

Charms that allow the wielder to reflexively draw their weapons, such as Call the Blade, also allow the bearer to both draw the weapon and change the mode at the same time as a reflexive action.