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        You walk over to Heckel and fall to your knees, already licking your lips. Heckel throws her head back in a barking laugh as she scoots forward, one paw coming around the back of your head. Without needing further encouragement, you grab the flaccid dog cock and give it an experimental pump.

You can feel the blood flowing beneath your fingers as your hand works, the black shaft growing firmer and bigger in your grasp. You lean in for a lick from base to tip, and it feels unexpectedly rough on your tongue with the smell of the savanna. Before you can fall into another staring trance with it, you open your mouth and take the head in.

Heckel gasps above you in the most feminine sound you’ve heard from her yet, and you’re awarded with a salty drop of pre. You start working your tongue around her point immediately, the dog cock becoming fully erect in your mouth. You look down your nose at the furry crotch beneath you and realize that your estimates of ten inches were definitely on the short side, and with a deep breath through your nose you begin to swallow her cock.

The first inch hits the back of your throat, but your practiced gag reflex keeps you from reacting. Heckel’s paw begins moving through your shaggy, blue hair, massaging you subconsciously. You force your head down another two inches as your throat opens around her head, but not before it deposits another spurt of pre-cum. Your tongue continues to massage the underside of her cock as you try not to gag, but the paw on the back of your head has already begun pressing you down further.

You take another inch into your throat before pulling off. Heckel growls above you until you lower your head again, this time further than before. Her growl becomes a moan instantly as the paw on your head is joined by another, both gripping your hair together. As you raise and lower your head, the furry balls in front of you begin to swing back and forth with Heckel’s small thrusts, and you reach out a hand to fondle them.

As you fondle her balls, your fingers graze over something wet behind them. If you could smile around the mouthful of doggy-dick, you definitely would. You’ve discovered that Heckel is definitely a herm, and you make sure to give her gash another graze as you bob your head down. The head of her cock pulses as you take her length deeper than you had before, and the hands in your hair tighten their grip as Heckel rises from her seat suddenly. You lose pace at this sudden change, and the position forces you to look up at her face.

You look up her body at her scowling face, wondering what you did wrong. “None of that, little meat. I’m top dog here, which means you don’t go near there. But if you keep sucking this well, I might just let you keep that hand.” Heckel clearly isn’t amused, but she hasn’t pulled you away either. Whether from her threat or your lust, you aren’t about to let this hard cock out of your mouth any time soon anyway. Your next bob is echoed by a thrust from Heckel, as is the next and the next after that. Her thrusts start coming faster than your head can keep up, and then her hands in your shaggy, blue hair tighten their grip to hold your mouth in place. Before you know it she’s fucking your throat more than you’re giving her head. All you can do is watch her furry groin and stomach pumping towards you, and you have ample time to watch a knot start forming at the base of her dick. Your eyes begin to tear up as her cock pushes your throat open again and again, her thrusts getting faster and faster. It’s all you can do to keep one hand stroking her shaft without gagging on her dick.

You let your eyes close as you focus on not gagging, but open them wide when something else presses against your lips. It takes you a moment to realize that her knot is pushing at the entrance to your mouth as Heckel grunts above you, her thrusts coming faster and faster. You look up at her in alarm, and she barks out a laugh from above her swaying breasts. “What? What did you think I meant by stretch?” Her voice wavers as her cock spasms, shooting another spurt of pre into your throat.

Before you can start thinking of a way out of the situation, she growls loudly above you. Her hands grip the back of your head and pull you towards her, burying your face in wet fur and her knot in your mouth. You feel her lean over you as your vision goes dark, your entire face buried in the fur of her groin. Her entire cock seems to flex inside you as her hips thrust forward, and a moment later you feel a burning heat travelling down your throat. Your hands go to the ground to steady yourself as she pulls herself suddenly away, her dick pulling out of your gullet with a long slurp and giving you a chance to breathe clearly again. You barely get one breath in before you realize that she’s still cumming, and a thick stream of jism lands across your face and into your open mouth as she paws herself off the rest of the way. Unable to do anything else at this point, you simply fall back onto your nice, toned butt and let her cum across your face two more times, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she finishes.

When she’s finally emptied herself on your face, she falls down onto the bench in front of you. Before you can say anything, she extends a paw and ruffles your semen-streaked hair. “Heh, not bad fresh meat. If you can learn your place on the food chain here, we might have a beautiful partnership ahead of us. If you still think you can keep up, that is.” She winks at you as she stands again, tossing you her towel from earlier as she heads towards the showers.