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        How to make the NPC show on different maps
- Open config.lua inside lua\npcshop\
- Inside you'll notice co-ordinates.
- Type getpos into your console to get the position of the NPC/position of the car spawn
- Type the positions out sepertately, so if you get positions like..
setpos 343.251465 -2989.157959 136.031250;setang 14.960034 113.380096 0.000000
You put in the brackets... pos = Vector(343, -2989, 136), ang = Angle(14, 113, 0)
- When you've positioned that, you do the same with the CAR spawn.
- Save config.lua and open up server.lua
- You will see these lines...
shop:SetPos( Vector(0, 0, 0) )
shop:SetAngles( Angle(0, 0, 0) )
- You put the SAME co-ordinates as you did with the NPC SPAWN, NOT CAR SPAWN!