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        Sapphire Any% Glitchless FAQ:

Q: What are you trying to do?
A: Beat the game as fast as possible.
Q: What is the world record?
A: 2:00:53 by ExarionU
Q: Why are you resetting in front of the bag or after the first rival fight?
A: Because I got the wrong Mudkip. I am aiming for a frame that produces a 21 HP male Mudkip with a Naughty nature and IVs of 24/27/10/31/31/30. The Poochyena should also be female (its male in emulator). If I reset at the first rival fight its because I hit the Hasty Mudkip which is one frame late which is also a 21 HP male Mudkip and its faster to check the stats on level up as opposed to in the first battle.

Q: Why do you choose the girl?
A: Brendan as a rival has less text and he sends out Numel first as opposed to Wailmer on the 2nd fight which is easier to deal with. We previously would pick the girl because it produces less RNG variance, but because we save and quit in front of the bag this is now obsolete. We also used to pick the guy because the experience route used to require that we kill Wailmer first to hit level 18 for Rival 2's Grovyle, but the experience route we use is now different.

Q: Why do you choose a one letter name?
A: Each letter lasts one frame during a text box, so additional letters will lose that many frames every time the name is said in a text box.

Q: What Pokemon will you use throughout the run?
A: I will use Mudkip up until I catch Kyogre, which will be used to finish the run. I will also catch a fly slave (we manipulate a Wingull) and Castform is given to us.

Q: How does the RNG manipulation work?
A: On a dead battery the list of Mudkips associated with each frame is the same every time. The Mudkip that you get is determined on the frame that you hit "yes" in the bag of starters starting from when you soft reset. For Wingull I need to do inputs at specific times for when I press continue, when I enter the bag in battle, and when I throw the ball, as well as do somewhat specific movement to get to the grass tile.
Q: Why this Mudkip?
A: It's by far the best Mudkip you can manipulate quickly. Also, having a +Attack nature with very high Speed is perfect for the route I'll be using. This Mudkip is only possible to use because of the change to RTA timing from IGT timing because we are now allowed to save and quit.
Q: What is your goal time?
A: Now I would mostly just like a completed run but I would also like it to not be terrible.