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        Dick Chat- Bad Dragon Alternatives

Bad Dragon is by far the best known fantasy~monstery toy maker/alternative dick artisans, but they can be quite pricey, and it's a tough thing paying that much for a toy when you're not even sure you'll like the feel or shape of it. Just like with most luxury goods, you wind up paying a premium for the name. However, there are so many small creators out there making very high quality toys and neat designs without the big brand markup. Bad Dragon is an awesome company and I'm happy to see them thrive, but as per request, here are some smaller businesses and good alternatives that I've either heard, seen, or personally experienced lovely things from that you can support too! - I am partial to their tentacle, but I also walk around with it hanging out of my pants so I'm a little biased. Really nice flawless silicone pours, also I personally like the feeling of their silicone; it's smooth rather than having that clingy/sticky feeling some silicone toys do. - They have some very neat shapes going on! Lots of twirls and bumps and ridges. Very pretty color options and pours, as well. - These are a little less "out there" designs, more humanoid, but a good option. - Ambush Toys is hella furry, still a very small startup, but they've been working on some nice toys and sheaths. - Cool shapes, very cool colors, and non-traditional eggs! (also traditional eggs too). Really useful for ovipositors. - A fuckload more eggs! - Primal Hardwere is known for the Splorch ovipositor, but they actually make several different ones, plus other toys/sheaths/cool things.

Honorable Mention: Zeta Creations, now called Zeta Paws, was the go-to for animal/fantasy toys back in the early and mid 2000s. They still produce toys but most of their models and production methods have remained unchanged. In my humble opinion, I think that there are much better options available now.


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