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        Guide to getting Artificial Academy 2 to work:
Resources you'll need to download at the top, instructions down below them.

Main game torrent:

HF pAppLoc Download:
(This is necessary to download and install in order to be able to run the game in 'Japanese locale' without switching your whole computer to Japanese. Now worries, after the mods/patches you'll be able to read it in English.)

Daemon Tools Lite (Free version):
(This will be your disk mounter for installing the virtual disks.)

Append Set I
Append Set II

DLC HongFire (HF) Patch:

HF Game Patcher:

Just to make your life easier, download and install Daemon Tools and the 'HF pAppLoc' first. You'll need these tools for the installation so you might as well get them ready now. That will lead to less pausing later. :3

This is a pretty good video showing how to install the AA2 Character Maker and main game:
Follow what they say to do until after the main game has finished installing. Using the HongFire patcher is much easier and will get you to playing the game much faster than what the video person wants you to do. Following what they say exactly is fine too, just requires more work and we're all pretty lazy, right?

Anyways, after the game done installing all 3 disks, remount Disk 1 (if ytou have to, I didn't have to, it was still mounted for me) and right-click the AA2 Play icon that should have appeared on your desktop, then click "Run as Jap locale in admin mode". The game should open and play, that's a good sign. Go ahead and close it.

The video person will show you the strange way that DLCs are installed, by unzipping the zip/rars and running the exes, then dragging the contents of the data folder you extracted into the game's data folder. Now you don't need to do that exactly because the patcher will install the dlcs for you. However this is the exact way to install the Append Sets I & II so follow the video's example and install the Append Sets now. (They are not included in HF's patcher because they cost money and HF doesn't want to promote 'borrowing' things, they're just there to help people be able to read and play the games they have 'borrowed'.)

After you've installed the Append Sets, now comes the easy part. Run the HF *DLC* patcher first, then run the regular game patcher. After this step, you should be able to play with no problems! Just remember to have disk 1 mounted before you start playing and always right-click the icon and select 'run in jap as admin'. :3

Final Notes:
I recommend using the 'Frontier' launcher (included in the patcher) for the maker and the main game. The Frontier launcher for the maker allows you to add an unlimited number of traits to your character, and set certain parameters beyond their normal bounds by entering them directly in the text box. It also enables an unlocked hue slider so you can create characters with blue or green skin. Also, when saving a character, you can hold down the right mouse button and click the left one to get a special rainbow background card for your character which will make them learn things faster and walk faster and stuff. Very useful. The Frontier launcher for the main game lets you do awesome things like open the buddha statue interface anywhere [RMB+left-click on roster button], and force a 999% on any interaction [RMB+left-click on any action]. It's required for proper color on blue/green/etc characters in-game, of course.

Useful Resources for you~ :
AA2 Character Database:

Another character database:

Forum full of mods:

( I would be lost without Vyktar. Thank you for your explanations on YouTube and Pastebin~ <3 )