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        Sorry Belle by DCFTEF (

>"But Anon...! It was an accident!"
>"Am I still in trouble?"

>You frown at the trembling filly.
>Take a deep breath.
>You're angry at her.
>You're angry at her sister for pawning off this foalsitting job on you.
>No, that isn't fair...
>Rarity didn't plan for this to happen.
>She had an important meeting with Hoity Toity in Canterlot.
>It was her parents who forgot.
>They scheduled a last minute trip to St. Poniesburg assuming Rarity would be available to watch her little sister.
>So it wasn't really Rarity's fault.
>She rushed over and begged you to foalsit Sweetie Belle.
>"Please Anon! I'm desperate! I can't take her along with me to Canterlot, she has school!"
>"And if I miss this meeting it will be the WORST POSSIBLE THING!"
"Don't worry about it, I'll watch her for the weekend."
>Everypony seemed happy with the arrangement.
>But your place isn't exactly "foal safe."

>You showed Sweetie Belle where she would sleep.
>You showed her where she could find books & snacks.
>But mostly you showed her what was off limits.
"This stuff is not for foals. A lot of it could hurt you."
>"But it's so cool! If we could use this stuff the girls & I could get our cutie marks in..."
"Sweetie, I said no. Don't let me catch you opening this closet or you'll be in big trouble."
>She is disappoint.
>You took her to Sugarcube Corner to take her mind off it.

>You were never an early riser.
>Don't have to work today anyway.
>Yeah...just one more hour.
>Sweetie Belle rushes into your bedroom without knocking.
>Good morning, Mr. Anon! What are you still doing in bed? Are you sick?"
"No, I'm fine. Just being a little bit lazy."
>"Do you want me to cook you breakfast, I'm an excellent cook!"
>'ve heard different.
"Stay away from the stove, Sweetie Belle. I'll get up now to make breakfast."
>"But if I made YOU breakfast I might get my cutie..."
"Sweetie, the stove is hot, don't touch it unless an adult is there."
>*sigh* "Okay Mr. Anon."
"Don't look so disappointed. I'll let you cook...just wait until I'm there to help."
>But Sweetie seems to change her mind.
>" can stay in bed and rest more, Mr. Anon. I'll just get some cereal!"
"Are you sure?"
>"Sure I'm sure! You relax, I promise I won't touch the stove."
>She scampers away.
>Well that was easy.
>Who says foalsitting is hard?
>Soon you will learn how dumb you are.

>You doze off again.
>Re-awakened by sounds of commotion.
>It's not downstairs.
>It's coming from the open window.
>Ponies screaming...yelling for help.
>You jump out of bed.
"Sweetie Belle, are you here!?"
>No answer.
>Well, it's 10am already.
>Probably finished her cereal & went to play with her friends.

>You gallop outside and run toward the commotion.
>At the edge of the Whitetail Woods there is a crowd of ponies.
>"Help her, get her down!"
>You see what's happened.
>A young filly is caught in a net, hanging from a tree.
>It's one of your nets.
>You're a creature trap & relocate dangerous beasts from the EverFree forest.
>You have a closet full of gear and weapons for the task.
>The closet you told Sweetie Belle not to touch.
>Yeah, there she is...she's involved.
>Thankfully she's not the one in the net.
>It's a gray filly with glasses and a braided mane.
>She's in trouble...stuck...the net is choking her.
>"She's turning blue! Somepony help her!"
>That's you.
>You shove the crowd aside and reach up to get her.
>The kid is really trapped...she can't breathe.
>None of the mares are tall enough to reach her.
>You have to cut the expensive net.
>Lucky you had a knife handy.
>The filly tumbles catch her.
>Check her out. She's breathing.
>But you don't let her get up until Nurse Redheart arrives.
>She takes charge of the gray filly.
>Shaken up...but not seriously injured.

> turn to Sweetie Belle and her two friends.
"Just what in Tartarus is going on here?" 
"Speak up!"
>"I'm sorry Mr. Anon. Silver Spoon is always so mean to us...we just wanted to get back at her a little."
>The orange one continues;
>"Sweetie Belle said she could get this awesome net. We'd set it on the path and snatch her up when she came by."
>The youngest Apple family kid, chimes in;
>"We didn't mean to hurt anypony, just scare her & embarrass 'er a little."
>You are furious.
>Not only did they steal your gear, they almost killed a classmate.
>"We're really sorry!"
"Well, I'm afraid sorry isn't good enough this time."
>You turn to a gray mare with derped yellow eyes.
"You! Do you know these three?"
>"Well sure, Mister. Everypony knows those three fillies."
"I'm responsible for the white one, but I need you to go find the other two's parents. Tell them to meet me at Town Hall."
>"Mister they don't let me go near Town Hall...on account of what I did to the roof that time."
"You don't need to go there...just tell their parents to meet me there."
>With a nod the gray pegasus flies away.
>Then turns around when she realizes she's going the wrong direction.
>Then she crashes into a tree.
>You'd laugh if you weren't so angry.
"Alright girls, follow me."
>They drag their hooves reluctantly.
"I said MARCH!"
>That speeds them up.

>In about a half hour the other adults show up.
>Big Mac brings Granny Smith in a wagon.
>Scootaloo's foster mom had to leave work to come.
>The three fillies know they're in ultimate trouble.
"Now explain exactly what you did."
>Opening the forbidden closet.
>Stealing the net & other gear.
>Setting a trap.
>You don't allow them to leave any detail out.
>They finish with "We're sorry" all in unison.

>Scootaloo's foster mom grabs her by the ear.
>"Come on, you're getting a serious spanking when I get you home!"
>Granny Smith lets Apple Bloom knows she'll be picking her own switch.
>The doomed fillies & their guardians depart.
>Leaving you with Sweetie Belle.
>"I'm in big trouble, aren't I, Mr. Anon?"
>Oh yes you are.
>You walk home in silence.
>Sweetie Belle tries to apologize...beg her way out of trouble.
>You just don't reply.
>Anything you say right now would be in anger, so it's better to just calm down first.
>On the way home you stop to retrieve your net.
>Ruined now. You had to cut it to save that filly.
>Anger rising. Those things are expensive.
>It's better to say nothing right now.

>You arrive home.
"Sweetie Belle, go to your room and wait for me."
>She whimpers & gives you the saddest eyes she can muster.
>"Are you mad, Mr. Anon?"
"Yes, Sweetie, and I should be."
>"But I'm soorrryyy!"
"Good. Now go to your room and think about it. I'll be in soon."
>With one last whine she trudges up the stairs.
>Let her think about what she's done.
>You'll calm down a little too.
>She's getting a spanking for this...that's beyond doubt.
>You just haven't decided how bad yet.
>Let's see;
>She disobeyed you by going into that closet.
>She stole your work tools.
>She used them to attack another filly.
>That's all bad.
>But there's a few parts you can't blame her for.
>You did try to sleep should have been watching her more closely.
>And she didn't mean to hurt that gray filly.
>Just scare her & embarrass her.
>Sweetie Belle seems genuinely sorry.
>You take all this into consideration.
>No sense making her wait all day.
>It's time.
>You walk up the stairs and into her room.
>Sweetie is sitting on the bed, looking miserable.
>Without a word you sit down next to her.
"What happened today was really bad, Sweetie Belle."
>"I know, Mr. Anon...I'm sooo sorrrry!"
"Let me finish. I can't blame you for all of it."
"I understand that you didn't mean to hurt anypony...that part was an accident."
>"But Anon...! It was an accident!"
>"Am I still in trouble?"

>You frown at the trembling filly.
>Take a deep breath.
>You're angry at her.
>You're angry at her sister for pawning off this foalsitting job on you.
>No,'ve all heard this part already.
>Moving on...
>The lecture continues;
"You certainly are in trouble."
>She whimpers again & sniffles.
"I told you to stay out of that closet...but you disobeyed me."
"Then you took things without asking...that's stealing."
"And you used those stolen things to harm another pony."
>"But we didn't know anypony was going to get hurt!"
"I told you those things were dangerous...what does that mean?"
>She doesn't answer.
>Just looks down & squirms around nervously.
"Sweetie Belle, answer me."
>" means somepony could get hurt."
"So don't tell me you didn't know it might hurt somepony again."
"Unless you want to add lying to the list of things you did today."
>Tears are building up in her eyes.
>Not as many tears as she's gonna cry soon.
"Sweetie, there are so many bad things about what you did."
"And the worst part is you knew better."
"You know better than to disobey, you know better than to steal and I hope you know better than to risk injuring other ponies."
>"I'm sorry Mr. Anon...honest! Please don't hate me!"
>Okay, that's a little bit sad.
"No Sweetie Belle, I don't hate you."
"If I hated you I'd just keep you in this room until your parents returned and not say another word to you."
"But I care about you enough to make sure you understand what you did and make sure it never happens again."
>"I won't Mr. Anon! Honest! I'm so sorry and I'll never steal or disobey you or risk hurting another pony again!"
"That's a good start, kiddo. But you'll still need to be punished."
>She doesn't like that word.
>Now the tears really start.
>But seriously...what did she expect? A cookie?
>"P-punished, Mr. Anon-n?"
"Yes; and I think you already know how. We'll talk more, but let's get this over with."
>You use your magic to pick up Sweetie Belle's hairbrush from the dresser.
>Big oval wooden thing.
> feel sorry for the poor kid.
>But she's got to learn her lesson.
>", Mr. Anon, sir...don't use that! Please just use your hoof, it'll hurt enough!"
>You shake your head.
"I'm sorry, Sweetie. This is going to hurt but you've got to remember this punishment every time you even consider doing something naughty or reckless or thoughtless again."
>"I will! I w-will, promise! I'm so sorry...I'll never d-do any of that stuff again. Please, please don't spank me!"
"Come on, I know you're scared, but let's get this over with."
>Sweetie Belle struggles, crying & begging for a pardon.
>Not gonna happen.
>Despite her efforts to stay off your lap she's soon laying face down, rump in the air.
"Sweetie, this is going to hurt terribly, but just remember that it's not a tiny bit as bad as what could have happened. Somepony could have been serious hurt or even killed today. You might have been hurt or killed if that net triggered at the wrong time. You might not feel lucky, but if this is the worst thing to happen today you are a very lucky filly."
>That's all that needs to be said.
>You sweep her tail out of the way, exposing her white rump for punishment.
>The sobbing filly is shaking all over in fear.
>It breaks your heart...but you begin.

>Sweetie shrieks and kicks her legs as the first few hairbrush smacks fall on her bottom.
>It isn't even showing any pink yet and she's already in full crying mode.
>This is gonna be a tough couple of minutes for both of you.
>Determined, you keep spanking her tiny tender rump.
>The hairbrush almost covers both cheeks with every whack.
>But you concentrate your effort on the lower parts of her rear, where it hurts most.
>The filly squeals, sobs & bawls.
>All 4 legs flailing, trying to escape the terrible paddling.
>"PLEASE NO MORE! Bwwwwaaahhhh! Please, please stop! WHHAAHHH!"
>Sorry Sweetie, you're not even close to done.
>She's still wailing for mercy, begging in-between the hairbrush smacks.
>By now her bottom is showing some pink.
>She's got a long way to go.
>You have to be careful.
>A full grown stallion, spanking with a big wooden brush...
>You could really hurt or bruise her by mistake.
>But the object is to cause pain...not damage.
>Still, her little rump must be on fire now.
>And you're just adding more heat to that fire.

>Poor Sweetie Belle is beyond words now.
>She's just bawling at the top of her lungs.
>Face almost as red as her bottom...streaked with tears.
>Not too much longer kid. Hang in there.
>You watch the second hand on the clock. 30 more seconds.
>That may not sound like much, but to a filly having her rump spanked it's an eternity.
>You finish up strong.
>Firm smacks to the most painful part of her rear end.
>You stop spanking.
>Sweetie Belle doesn't stop crying.
>It takes her a few moments to realize she isn't being spanked anymore.
>Slowly, she catches her breath.
>Heavy, choking sobs turn into steady breaths.

>You reach under her armpits and pick her up.
>Set her down in your lap.
>"Owwwwiiieeee! It still hurts!" she complains, shifting around to ease the pain in her butt.
"It's supposed to hurt, it's a punishment."
>You set her snuggle up to you, tuck her head under your chin.
>Her nose is running. You wipe away the drool & snot.
>She continues crying for about a half hour.
>You just hold her, rocking her & not saying a word.

>"I'm really sorry Mr. Anon. I must be the dumbest pony in all Ponyville."
"Don't say that. Everypony makes mistakes. The only dumb ponies are the ones that don't learn from their mistakes."
>"I'm gonna learn from this one. Promise."
>She looks up at you with those big sad eyes again.
>"Please don't tell my parents about this."
>You shake your head.
"I'm sorry, Sweetie. This is too big a deal. I can't keep this a secret from them." 
>That sends her right back into a crying panic.
>"Mr. Anon...please, no! I'll get punished again, it's not fair! I've already got spanked and I don't want to get spanked again! Please!"
>You pet her mane to calm her down.
"Whoa...take it easy. I'm going to talk to your parents. I'll tell them you've already been punished and I think you've had enough. You have to accept whatever they decide, but I think they'll agree with me...okay?"
>*sniffle* "You r-really think so?"
"I've known your Pop since we were both colts. I'm pretty sure he'll trust my judgment. I'd say your rump is safe."
>"Thanks Mr. Anon."

>You press her a bit.
"So Sweetie...tell me about this Silver Spoon. What makes her so awful that you wanted to catch her in a net made for Manticores?"
>"Oh, she & her friend Diamond Tiara are big meanies. They're always making fun of me and my friends because we don't have our cutie marks. Fighting...playing mean pranks...teasing us."
"I suppose you and your friends give as well as you receive."
>"Well yeah...we have to. We can't let them win all the time."
"Hmmm...I see. I understand too."
>"You do?"
"Sure. I had a rival when I was a young colt too. Hated him...and he hated me. We were the worst of enemies."
>"He must have been a big dweeb."
"I certainly thought so."
>"But Mr. said you and my Daddy were friends back when you were colts. Why didn't you ask him for help."
>You laugh.
>Yeah, you know the punchline to this story.
>Sweetie Belle doesn't yet.
"Because your father was my worst enemy." 
"Back when we first met we hated each other. Total rivals...we fought all the time."
>"But...but you and my Daddy are friends now."
"Yep. Things changed. We got older. We grew out of it."
"We've been friends since before he met your mother...before you & Rarity came along."
>"You mean...I might be friends with Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon someday?"
>Shrug your shoulders.
"Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I'm just saying keep the door open...and don't try catching them in any creature nets again, okay?"
>She giggles.
>Her face is still red, soaked in tears.
>Her rump must still hurt like the fires of Tartarus.
>But you actually made her laugh.

>Sweetie Belle has to spend the rest of the day in her room.
>But you let her come down and help cook dinner that evening.
>The next morning her friends come by...ask if she can come out and play.
>It's kind of funny to see them running off, all with fading red marks on their rumps.
>Spankings didn't break their adventurous spirits.
>They're off to find their special talents and get their cutie marks.
>It must be hard work raising a filly.
>You're glad you don't have to do it full time.
>But stepping in to help out once in a while isn't too bad.